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A New Way to Wellness

If you want to be and feel healthy and well, you have to start with a personal commitment. Create a basic lifestyle agenda that includes the activities you choose, the food you eat and, these days, the technology you wear.

In a simpler time, we relied on guesswork to get and stay well. “Eat your vegetables” and “no pain, no gain.” That kind of thing. Instead of a BMI, you had a mirror. “Recovery” was chicken soup and rest. Improving physical performance was go hard or go home.

Along came coaches and trainers to bring a more calculated and effective approach to wellness and fitness. To us things such as sometimes, less is more. And that “working through an injury” is a bad idea. Results became more planned and predictable. Then technology came along to further enhance wellness and improve performance.

Technology teaches us all kinds of things about our bodies and brains and what we should do to make them better. We learn how sleep affects our waking hours. Along with how to determine situations that cause us stress and bring on the pain. In the area of performance, there have been huge advances. For example, cyclists have devices that measure their pedaling output and tell them how much power they’re generating … even breaking it down to each leg. Marathon runners have a wide choice of wearables to help them pace their run. Even skydivers have wearable computers that tell them everything from how fast they’re falling to how much distance they cover on a jump.

It’s easy to get the idea that all you have to do to stay healthy and fit is equip yourself with a drawer full of wearables and other devices to set yourself on the path to achieving good health and high performance. The more watches and rings you have on your wrists and fingers, the better you’ll be. But in the end, all the fancy hardware on earth won’t help you achieve your wellness goals on its own. Feeling good, living well and lasting long take something more!

The bottom line is that when it comes to knowing what we need to do to feel and perform better, there’s no shortage of information. What’s been missing is wearable technology that will go beyond the data to actually support our physical, mental, and lifestyle efforts. Enter NIKKI.

NIKKI is a bioenergetics-based wearable that actually helps our bodies be and do better. For all the wearables that tell you what to do, now there’s one that helps you do it. NIKKI delivers frequency programs into the body to restore and optimize cell function. The NIKKI Night-Time frequency program turns sleep time into recovery time from physical and emotional trauma suffered during the day. Wearers wake up to activate other frequency programs that support daytime issues and activities. Allergies for a walk in the woods. Stress and anxiety for an important job interview. Energy Boost for a bicycle ride, a run, or a swim. And many more in a constantly-growing library of frequency programs. There’s even a Travel mode that strengthens the immune system and increases the certainty that you’ll enjoy a healthy time away.

NIKKI actually participates biologically to good health, changing everything except the personal commitment to wellness we start out with.


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