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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NIKKI?

What is included in NIKKI?

How do I get my Activation code for my NIKKI wearable?

Explain what frequency suites are currently available for NIKKI?

What new frequency sets will be added to NIKKI?

What proven results are available on NIKKI?

Can you explain the frequency sets delivered on NIKKI?

How do frequencies affect the physiology of animals, humans and plants?

Does NIKKI deliver multiple frequencies simultaneously?

Does NIKKI operate with an APP?

What are the minimum operating system requirements for NIKKI?

Is NIKKI easy to use?

Is it Important to Wear My NIKKI Every Day?

What is the Recommended Wear Time?

What size of wrist strap is included with NIKKI?

Is the NIKKI waterproof?

Where does the NIKKI ship?

International Shipping FAQ

What is the Return Policy?

What is NIKKI’s Warranty?

How Often do I Need to Charge My NiKKi?

FDA Statement

I have more than one NIKKI wearable. How do I activate them?

How do I turn my Bluetooth On/Off on my NIKKI wearable?

I have a Clock by my frequency sets. What does that mean?

I have a “!” by my Frequency Sets. What does that mean?

My NIKKI shows no Frequency sets. I see a notice in red that says activate at

I tried to update my NIKKI and now it won’t turn on?

My code says it is in use? How do I fix this?