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A Night-Time Story

37 trillion cells make up the human body. And when we go to sleep, they go to work. Their job is to repair the damage done during the day … physical, mental and emotional trauma ranging from injuries and allergies to stress and anxiety. All day long, the brain and body collaborate to meet the demands we put on them. At night, they pick up the pieces. And now they have help, in the form of the bioenergetic wearable NIKKI. Put simply, NIKKI makes the work the cells have to do easier and faster, so it can be completed well before you wake up.

How is this possible? The long-established science behind NIKKI states that cells communicate by frequencies. During the day and while trying to keep up with the demands we put on the cellular network, this communication becomes interrupted and distorted. NIKKI delivers frequencies into the body to restore and optimize cell function and speed recovery.

What does recovery involve? Many things.

To start with, the brain stores new information and gets rid of toxic wastes that build up during the day to threaten a clear mind and the cognitive process. Short-term memories are converted into long-term memories and unneeded information is discarded. Nerve cells reorganize. Areas of the brain that regulate emotion are stabilized.

The body repairs itself and restores energy. The benefits of sound sleep are many and sometimes surprising. Even a few nights of poor sleep can lay the foundation for obesity and type 2 diabetes. Healthy cells, helped along by NIKKI, more easily take up glucose. NIKKI also enhances immunity and strengthens resistance to infection, inflammation and germs. Proper cell function is key to healthy tissue and muscles, and NIKKI is an overnight ally in maximizing wellness for when you wake up.

NIKKI is the only wearable that works while you sleep to contribute to a better day. The NIKKI Night-Time frequency program is true breakthrough in achieving and maintaining wellness in order to feel and perform better.

With your cell network optimized to meet the pressures of the day, NIKKI stays on the job with a full set of frequency programs engineered to ease the impact of the activities you pursue, from helping with pain from your workout at the gym to creating a sense of calm after an argument or offsetting allergies on a walk through the woods.

Think of NIKKI as a valued member of the cellular network team. One that checks in when you nod off and works to ensure that you wake up eager and ready to meet the day ahead.