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Battery and Construction

What kind of battery does the WAVE 1 have and how long does it last?

The WAVE 1 wearable device contains a lithium battery which has a one year manufacturers’ warranty.  For battery efficiency, charge your WAVE 1 device at 30% or more to ensure its longevity. The battery icon is located on the main screen of your WAVE Assistant App, showing its current percentage of power.   

Battery Durabilty – How long does the WAVE 1 device last?

Battery life is dependent on daily usage sessions. 

How is the WAVE 1 constructed?

The WAVE 1 is constructed of an anodized metal casing, a lithium battery, and highly specialized light emitting technology. Firmware is installed in the operating system which provides control of the frequency delivery for your device. The mobile device is lightweight at 81 grams, and size is 90mm long x 48mm wide x 14mm high.


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