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Detoxification with WAVE 1

Can I use only the Detox separately without the other supportive frequency packages? 

No, the pre-programmed phases have been determined by our expert physicians and include an initial detoxification phase as an important step throughout the usage of the device. The Target and Intensive Phases include Detoxification for maximum effect.  Your WAVE 1 is intended to be used as a wellness tool, enhancing your body’s best functions.

Will I experience a detoxification or clearing reaction, otherwise called a Herxheimer Reaction by some?

Detoxification and restoration will be experienced by each person based on his or her own physical state.  There is no way to determine or anticipate what any one person will experience.   You may need to decrease the amount of time, or the intensity of your device session until you reach a more comfortable state.  When ready, you can advance your intensity levels again with an increased tolerability. For steps on personalization, read section WAVE 1 Customization. 

See article – The differences between herxheimer and detox for more information.