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The Differences Between Herxheimer & Detox

Information about the differences and what you can do if you are affected by herxheimer or detox

When Detoxing, take time to support your release and restoration

– Drink plenty of water

– Focus on a healthy diet

– Hydrotherapy

– Sauna

– Lymphatic massage

– Body brushing

– Movement

– Deep breathing

– Taking binders

Please click to watch the informative video below from Dr. Christine Schaffner.


Herxheimer reaction happens when die off from the Lyme is not leaving your body fast enough. It’s also important to focus on self care, such as Epsom salt baths, meditation and drinking plenty of water to help soothe and replenish your mind and body. Dr. Schaffner advises to double your binders which support the movement and exit of the toxins out of the body.

When dealing with Lyme and Parasites, both have different stages of development. Frequencies can support and empower the immune system so that it can eliminate the proliferation of problematic issues in the body.

Binders assist your body in reducing its toxin levels. As the name suggests, binders effectively “bind” to and eliminate toxins from your body. On it’s own, your body as the ability to remove some toxins, but when the toxic load gets too high, or body needs help. That’s where binders come in.

WAVE 1 is a complement to all other modalities you might be using. As an additional approach in your wellness toolbox, the decision is up to the individual on how they incorporate this into their program. We always recommend you follow the advice of your health practitioner. This is an individual choice and the responsibility of the end user to make decisions affecting their own welfare.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out the the customer service team for assistance. https://fremedica.com/contact/


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