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When should I wear my WAVE 1?

The best time of day of day to wear your WAVE 1

One of the more popular questions is, “What’s the best time of day to wear my WAVE 1?”

You should wear your WAVE 1 during the time of day that suits you. Feel free to try it for a few days at different times of day as it is equally effective when worn during the morning, afternoon, evening or night. It is up to you and your routine.

Some prefer wearing it during the day where they can take advantage of the Stress & Anxiety frequencies to help them through their day or they prefer the Detox frequencies during that time.

Others prefer it later in the day as it compliments their daily lifestyle and they have a better sleep.

You may prefer wearing WAVE 1 while sleeping, feel free to try the device during the night time hours and determine how you feel. Some users have reported a lack of sleep and don’t feel rested due to over stimulation. However, the majority of our users are able to experience deep, restorative restful states. You are welcome to try either during day or night to find your comfort level. Please always listen to your body and follow that intuition for preferred time of day.