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Your first session

Now that you’ve registered your WAVE 1 and completed the Education Portal registration you can begin using your device.

Once you disconnect the WAVE 1 from your computer use the straps to wear it on your arm or leg (using the strap that’s most comfortable for you)

The WAVE 1 is equally effective when placed anywhere the lights have contact with your skin.  Wear is on your outer or inner arm; others find it comfortable wearing it on the calf or thigh. As there is no discernable vibration from the WAVE 1 you can wear it anywhere.

ensuring that the lights are against your skin.

To Turn on: Press the blue button located on the top of your WAVE 1 for 2 seconds and the indicator light will appear.

Wear your device until it turns off (indicator light no longer displays). Your WAVE 1 duration may vary depending on the settings. Detox and Lyme frequencies will have a duration of 30 mins each consecutively. Stress & Anxiety and Balance & Restore frequencies can be set from 30 mins to 8 hours. Use the charging block and cable that shipped with the device and connect to a wall socket to charge (green light flashes while charging and turns solid green when complete). It is now ready for the next day.

*IMPORTANT* – Connect your WAVE 1 to your computer at least once a week. Connecting updates your daily usage logs and alerts you on when to advance to the next phase on days 31, 61 and 91 Advancing through the phases is the most effective use of the device. 

The first phase (DETOX) does NOT provide frequencies for Lyme. It is designed to prepare your body to receive the Lyme frequencies. After the first 30 days, follow the onscreen information to begin receiving the Lyme frequencies.