NIKKI is a bioenergetic wearable delivering light-carried frequency programs to support optimal wellness and performance.

NIKKI is the first wearable helping to restore and improve cellular communication. While other wearables monitor and report on key wellness issues, NIKKI works to overcome and improve them, while helping you get back on track with your health and performance.

Intermittent sleep, stress, pain, fatigue and many other symptoms result from poor cellular function. Strong cellular activity is essential to good health and well-being long-term.

​​NIKKI includes the cornerstone Night-Time program. This overnight recovery program helps you wake up rested and ready to take on the day. NIKKI Night-Time strengthens cellular signals and works to overcome daytime physical and mental trauma.

Two different NIKKI Memberships are available for a small monthly subscription cost. Overcome specific wellness issues and explore the endless benefits of bioenergetics with NIKKI.

For $10/monthly, GOLD Membership program includes:

Pain Relief, Energy Boost, Travel Wellness and Stress & Anxiety support.  

For $20/monthly, PLATINUM Membership program includes:

All GOLD Program frequency programs PLUS, Viruses + Bacteria, Sleep, Immune Boost, Allergies and a full host of future frequency programs on your annual membership.

New NIKKI frequency programs will be released in 2023. These programs are only accessible at the Platinum Membership level.

If you would like a NIKKI membership upgrade after an original purchase, email us at to submit this request. 

After your initial free trial period (if any), monthly subscriptions will renew automatically, unless canceled.

NIKKI bioenergetic technology is clinically proven by Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy MD, who is the Medical Director of the largest Integrative Medical Clinic in North America. Based on a ‘Quality of Life’ proof of concept trial, participants experienced a 73% significant improvement in wellness while wearing NIKKI. View third-party results HERE

NIKKI delivers various frequency programs carried by light in a safe, gentle and non-invasive way. Frequencies increase cellular ability to communicate with other cells, tissues and organs for optimum wellness. These frequencies have been studied extensively to help promote your overall wellness.

NIKKI bioenergetic wellness technology is proprietary and carries a patent pending status.

Frequencies have bio-regulatory effects seen in the circadian rhythms in humans, mating behaviors and communications in animals as well as in the growth and repair of plants. In essence, frequencies can promote better communication between  your cells and bodily organs to help you achieve optimum wellness. 

NIKKI offers a full suite of frequency programs tailored for greater wellness. Each program comprises multiple frequencies stacked together to address a specific wellness issue. For example, Pain Relief or Energy Boost. Only one selected program can run at any given time. 

Yes, NIKKI includes an APP to access and store your personal frequency programs. Pair NIKKI via Bluetooth when updating selected frequency programs. Note: App will be launched in 2023 for additional NIKKI support.

Mac iOS 11.0 or later

Android above Version 6.0

Compatible with iPhone 5s or later, iPad Air or later, iPod touch and Mac

Very. Simply select the frequency program of choice and run for up to 8 hours. Once complete you can simply repeat or choose another frequency program to run. Your wellness is in your hands. Pre-programming and customization are not required. NIKKI is a user-friendly, swipe and play device.

NIKKI’s wrist strap is adjustable for all sizes. The strap is a comfortable, woven stretch fabric. If you would like to purchase a different type of watch band, the watch band size is 20 mm and any standard watch band can be purchased to replace the included band. 

Yes, NIKKI is waterproof up to 10 meters. The strap is mildew resistant.

NIKKI currently ships to Canada, the US and European Union (EU).

Shipping costs are as follows:

Canada ($30 US), USA ($50 US), and the EU ($75 US).

Results are guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, return NIKKI for a full refund. Simply pay the shipping and handling to return the product. Our team will arrange the full refund of your NIKKI and any membership dues if applicable, minus shipping and handling costs. Return Policy is 30 days from the date of delivery.

Contact and our team will arrange a return. NIKKI must be returned in its original box with all contents received on delivery.

Warranty is strictly limited to manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship in this product for one (1) calendar year from the date of purchase. There are no refunds, only a replacement in the case of manufacturer defect(s).

For questions regarding this Limited Warranty, please contact us at


NIKKI is a product of FREmedica, an innovative bioenergy technology company dedicated to helping people feel and perform at their best. Ground-breaking FREmedica frequency technology restores cellular communication that is key for living well. We are dedicated to helping others find their best self, and feel better while doing it. 

The NIKKi Team are not medical professionals. We don’t offer health advice or prescribe supplements, modalities or medicine. We also do not diagnose, claim to cure, prevent, treat, or mitigate any medical condition or disease with the use of NIKKI or its associated frequency programs.

FREmedica Technologies Inc. is focused on the development and commercialization of wearable bioenergetic technology to markets worldwide, delivering specialized programs designed for health and wellness as well as performance enhancement. Our parent company, The Frequency Exchange Corp is listed on the TSX-V stock market as FREQ.V.

NIKKI is the fifth-generation frequency emitter and third iteration of wearable technology solely dedicated to wellness. FREmedica also offers a customized frequency program dedicated to lessening the symptoms of Lyme disease and co-infections. Learn more about the WAVE 1 bioenergetic wearable and its Lyme Support Program HERE

For questions regarding this Limited Warranty, please contact us at