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Find Relaxation with a Daily Bioenergetic Practice.

It’s an understatement to say the last few years have been stressful. And yet, despite knowing how stress can affect our heart health, how many of us actually took time to destress?

Heart Health. A key component of our overall health and well-being.

We know it’s important to take ongoing measures to care for and improve our heart health, but where do we begin?

It’s no secret that prolonged periods of stress and anxiety cause detrimental effects on our bodies.

As science, technology, health care providers, and others come together to find new ways to lessen these effects, we sometimes find ourselves stuck in a mire of what to do, who to listen to, and what to buy.

A regular daily practice with NIKKI bioenergetic frequencies, is a wise alternative that is cost effective, on-the-go, self managed and easy. Helping to support relaxation, reduce stress and deliver the best sleeps you’ve had in a long time, the NIKKI can benefit your daily life ten-fold.

The NIKKI bioenergetic wearable increases cellular activity and communication inside the body by employing amplified stimuli in the form of wellness frequencies. This miraculous technology recharges cellular activity and ultimately improves overall well-being.

Let’s go deeper into how frequencies impact our lives and the importance of a bioenergetic practice everyday.

Bioresonance + Heart Health

Your heart, other organs and all your cells are made to work together in harmony and each emits its own resonant frequency. When one vibrational frequency is out of order, the harmonic balance within the body can become compromised. Stress, fatigue, anxiety, trauma, physical ailments can all lead to a breakdown in overall wellbeing internally.

So, how does this all translate to reducing stress and finding calm for better heart health?

Well, we all know listening to our favorite song can get us out of a funk. It triggers our brain to reduce the negative inner talk and anxiety-noise. Letting us feel calm, centered, and ready to tackle what comes next.

Music is a great example of how sound frequency can impact our overall physical and mental state. Most importantly, both audible and non-audible frequencies have a powerful impact on your energetic livelihood.

At 528 Hz frequency, your cells increase oxygen absorption, lower your heart rate, and reduce inflation. It also brings increased energy, awareness and inner peace.

At 639 Hz frequency, the emotions of your heart become more opened, negative feelings are diminished and more interpersonal connections are nurtured. Your heart is stronger when feeling relaxed, less guarded and more in balance.

When we’re stressed, our blood pressure and heart rate both go up. Our bodies then release cortisol to help us focus and deal with the issue at hand.

If we remain in a constant high-stress, or chronic stress, environment for an extended period, our bodies will show the toll on both our physical and mental health.

One of the most common symptoms is – you guessed it – heart disease.

Prolonged anxiety and stress have a vast detrimental effect on our cardiovascular health, which results in, not only, an increased risk of heart disease, but other health issues as well.

The good news is that each of us can apply our own proactive measures to help lower stress and find relaxation.

Bioenergetics + You

With the NIKKI bioenergetic wearable, you can discover increased relaxation and reduced stress levels, helping to give your heart a boost.

Time to focus on improved heart health and reduced stress. And while we’re here, turn on some relaxing music that resonates with your soul.

A daily bioenergetic practice including the NIKKI, will provide the relaxation you need to carry on.