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Episode 16: Dr. Steven Schwartz

Viruses, bacteria and empowering the immune system

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Show Notes:

Bioenergetics Beat host Heather Gray interviews Dr. Steven Schwartz, the author of Primal Resonance: Secrets of Health, Vitality and Optimal Human Performance. In addition to his chiropractic practice, he is a visionary technology designer, sound alchemist and regenerative medicine expert.

Known as Dr. Vibe for his use of sound, light and frequencies. Steven’s specialty is the elimination of viruses and bacteria that attack the immune system and destroy the ability to fight off infections and pathogens. 

Widely acknowledged as an outstanding innovator, Dr. Schwartz is the creator of the proprietary VIBE Bed that provides a fully immersive experience intended to balance the bioenergetic field and boost immunity. He describes the science he has applied and the methods he uses in setting patients on the road to recovery; modalities that NIKKI complements to address the symptoms and sources of chronic illness, allergies autoimmune diseases and emotional imbalances.


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