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Episode 2: Nicole Sullivan


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Show Notes:

In the second part of her interview, FREmedica President Nicole Sullivan describes the bioenergetics technology behind the wearable NIKKI frequency emitter. She outlines the wide range of options in the frequency sets menu and explains how and why they were chosen. Nicole also discusses the ongoing trials process and positive response the company is receiving from NIKKI purchasers. She touches on the importance of consistent use, especially at the outset when the body is ridding itself of toxins and preparing to receive the full benefits of light-borne frequency optimization.

NIKKI is making it possible for people to live their 100% life with frequency sets designed to improve sleep, overcome fatigue, fight allergies, reduce pain and much more.

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Heather Gray: Hello. Thank you for joining us again today for another amazing episode of bioenergetics beats. I am Heather Gray, a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and certified bioenergetic practitioner. And this episode is brought to you by NIKKI. Unleash the wellness within. It’s a non-invasive, easily affordable and highly effective approach to optimize wellness. It’s a wearable device that puts frequency better based life on your hands and on your wrist. Today’s special guest let’s welcome Nicole Sullivan. We’re doing NIKKI part two. So if you’ve seen her last episode, we got a little bit of a background on how she got into this world and how the NIKKI has been working for her. But we’re going to dive a little deeper today in the actual product itself and all the all the beautiful things that it can do. So let’s let’s welcome Nicole Sullivan back to the show.

Heather Gray: Thank you Heather. Absolutely. Thank you. So awesome. So it was so great getting to know your story. The last time there was so many people you said that didn’t even know that part of your story. And I, I was just like fascinated. I was like, and then what happened? And then what happened? It keeps happening. It just keeps happening. But yeah, talk to us. Like I said, let’s dig a little deeper into your journey with the NIKKI and you know, what is frequencies? You know, how does, how does it work? Why does it work so much better? Like let’s, let’s get into some of the, the geeky technical aspects of, of this beautiful technology.

Nicole Sullivan: It just keeps happening. It just keeps, I know, right? Yeah.

Nicole Sullivan: Sure. So, as you mentioned, NIKKI is a bio-energetic wearable. It’s a frequency-emitting device. And so, what’s so great about that is, A, it’s accessible. B, it is wearable, so portable, you can bring it anywhere with you. You can make it yours in terms of how you use it, when you use it, what you use it for. And there’s sort of no end to the way that it can be used. In addition to that, it’s waterproof, so it’s super, super great. It is waterproof. It is waterproof, yeah, up to 10 meters, which is fantastic. I even, you know, when I was swimming with the kids, it was like, great, I have got my stuff on, and I’m doing, and I’m enjoying. And so, it’s like, yay, I have my portable frequency emitter with me wherever I go, and it’s just really accessible that way. It’s also not that big, which is kind of nice, and it’s not intrusive-looking. So, for many people who have been in a therapeutic space or have been in all kinds of different treatments, often things are bulky, are big, are, you know, there’s a lot that goes to them, or you’ve got wires and things attached to you. And so, it’s quite nice to just strap on a little thing like a watch, and away you go, and, you know, nobody, none the wiser, you know, it just looks like a watch, and it does tell the time, so that’s handy in its own right. But the thing about NIKKI, which is, I find so wonderful, which is the same as the Wave One in terms of frequency-emitting wearable, is that the frequencies themselves, again, it’s just information going into the body via light and sound. We all know that we can be easily influenced by light and sound if you just look in your surroundings, let alone the vibration of things, and that’s sort of what I consider frequencies themselves. It’s just everything has its own personal vibration or energy signature or pattern, and as bioenergetic or energy beings, we can recognize those patterns and assimilate and use that information.

SPEAKER_00: It is waterproof.

Heather Gray: Absolutely, you know one of the things that I love about it to you talk about some of the like the bigger bulkier and wires and stuff like that. Some of the machines that i’ve used for just over you know $20,000 and I just you know so not even just the size and the ease of it, but just the cost like. That was part of the reason, believe it or not, that kept me from jumping in with you guys sooner is because, when I saw the cost, I was like. there’s no way that that can work at that price like I was used to like I said my my machines that I was using $20,000 $30,000 for. And here’s you guys at the time, you know wave one, it was like $1,500 it’s even gone down since then, and so I was like there’s there’s no way there’s no way this can work at this price, so how do you guys get away with that.

Nicole Sullivan: So our biggest thing is that we believe that frequencies and frequency emitting wearables and technology, this for everyone. If you’re a bioenergetic being, then we have a frequency for that, in terms of what that looks like. And so we’re always on the lookout for ways that we can make this more accessible, more affordable for anybody. That’s kind of a big mandate of ours is that we want to be able to deliver frequencies to the world. That’s a really big piece of the puzzle for us. And so we’re constantly looking at ways, again, to make it accessible, looking at form factors. Like if we look at our history in terms of the form factors and where we started, they were much larger and they’ve gotten smaller and smaller and smaller and more portable and more accessible. So that’s a pretty exciting thing. If we look at the Wave 1, it was even bigger. Wave Force 1 was bigger than that. And then before that, it was a light emitting box. So with the technology, as we make things more accessible, again, we’re always on the lookout and form factors for how can we manufacture things and how can we create the frequency packages to make them the most accessible and the most affordable so that more people can use them.

Heather Gray: Absolutely. A hundred percent. Cause nine times out of 10, a lot of chronically sick people have already spent so much money on their healing journey that a lot of times when they come to this kind of out of the box healing modalities, right. A lot of times they’re tapped out. And so again, to have something that not only works, that’s effective, it’s easy to use and it’s so affordably priced. Like I still couldn’t, I still can’t wrap my head around just really how incredible this all is. Like I’m recording testimonials of 11 year old, you know, who was completely wiped out, taken out of school, couldn’t do tennis anymore. And then within a month of wearing this, she’s gotten her life back. And she’s back, you know, she sent us a video of her playing tennis again, and she’s just so excited back to being a brilliant little 11 year old and not worrying about chronic illness.

Heather Gray: What a gift.

Nicole Sullivan: It is really a gift. And so what else is really exciting about NIKKI is it’s the thing after the wave one. So it’s the thing after people are getting their lives back from Lyme and they’re learning to live in different ways that with their symptoms or in many cases symptom free or the lessening of symptoms. And so NIKKI because of all the different programs that we’ve got on there, we’ll actually, we call them frequency sets. So with all the different frequency sets that we have on NIKKI, there’s something for everybody. And I say everybody as in body, like as in person. And what’s really great about that is if you’re looking at like we have a nighttime program. And so that a nighttime frequency set is just a, like it’s one, as I’ve mentioned before that I wear every night. And then there’s an insomnia one. So it’s for those people that are dealing with insomnia, oh, you need some more energy, there’s an energy set. Oh, you’re looking for viruses and bacteria, you feel something going on. Okay, there’s that, there’s travel. You know, there’s all these different frequency sets that relate to everyday people just in terms of what you’re doing. So it’s not essentially attached to a condition but it can be the what’s next for the people that have had been dealing with a condition.

Heather Gray: Oh, 110%. And I went and took your advice and went ahead and got a second device because I’ve used it so much during the day that I, it doesn’t have any juice left to try at night. Then I’ve already, I’ve always struggled with sleep issues. I’ve got poor genetics in my sleep genes, and I just don’t sleep well, and I don’t sleep deep. But I went ahead and got another device so that way one is always on the charger, right? So now I’m using the energy and the stress and anxiety and the viruses and the travel during the day and at night, I use the And, you know, I may be getting an hour a day kind of like in between where I’m actually not wearing it, but it is, it is pretty much on all the time. Like I

Heather Gray: I can’t imagine my life without it. Like, and just recently traveling, you know, typically when I travel, I get sick within three days into travel, never fails. Every single time, three days. So this time I was like, ha ha, immune, boom. Didn’t get sick at that travel, you know? And then I was able to use the travel feature and didn’t have the, like the jet lag and have issues with acclimating to a new time zone. Like I still just can’t get over just how beautiful and easy and affordable, right? This device really is.

Nicole Sullivan: Yeah, I appreciate that feedback because the thing with us is that again, we’re always looking for feedback and we’re always looking to incorporate, you know, user experiences and see how people are doing with the technology and what’s happening for them in real time. You know, so when we started to, you know, do some testing with NIKKI and what that could look like and looking at the different frequency frequency sets and what what were the ones that we were going to launch with like what were those things that everybody was facing a nail on the head, people that are having sleep issues people are having energy issues, people that are totally stressed out about things that are happening in their life or maybe they have some anxiety, people that are just like okay I really could use some energy right now or gosh, I’m you know really worried about getting sick and there’s so many things out there so it’s just a matter of looking at what are those things that we could add value to everybody’s life on the daily.

Heather Gray: 110%, you know, and you, and you didn’t even bring up like allergies, like that seems to be number two, like from when I talk to people who, when I go down the list of symptoms, sleep one and allergy seems to be number two and allergies, like you said, it was, I tell the story often. It’s just my ex-husband sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, slap a NIKKI on him, hit allergies and literally within minutes sneezing stops. And it’s not just a fluke. It’s every single time. And then I, we just had Gary episode, which will come out here soon. You know, a fellow affiliate of NIKKI and he was talking about how all the money he was spending on steroids, how his doctor opted to try to break his nose to do something for start for allergies, which I’ve never heard of before in my life. And thank God he didn’t opt that route, but I mean, so those are his two options, right? Steroids or breaking your nose. How brilliant is that? He’s getting such amazing results from this device.

Nicole Sullivan: Yeah, that’s a great point about allergies. I happen to be blessed to not have like seasonal allergies. I don’t like medical, like drug allergies, which is a totally different ball game. But I do know a lot of people that use the NIKKI for allergies. There’s a few people in my life that have really drastic seasonal allergies. And when the wind kicks up or the pollen’s out, and it’s like you say, sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, and reacting, there are other antihistamines on the daily. And those people have been using NIKKI and they haven’t had to do that. They haven’t had to go that route. I can’t even imagine having to have your nose broken in hopes that you might not have horrific allergies.

Heather Gray: Or that’s what they told him, there was no guarantee. So let’s break your nose. It might help, it might not. Oh my God.

Nicole Sullivan: Right, that’s and so that’s the other thing like in terms of what you mentioned is that that’s something so invasive With a maybe hey, this might work. Let’s give it a try. It’s like how about no How about trying something? That’s not invasive. That’s something that’s not going to cause pain. That’s not going to cause harm It’s just going to give your body Information so your body says oh I recognize that let’s use that and try it a different way so yeah, the non-invasive and the

Nicole Sullivan: the not having to do really drastic things to get results or to get some relief.

Heather Gray: So tell me a few other like, what are some of your other frequent favorite frequencies to say that 10 times fast. What are some of your other favorite frequencies or like favorite stories that you’ve, you know, seen throughout this journey because you’ve been in this industry for what six years now.

Nicole Sullivan: Yeah, I have been, yes, yes. So- How many amazing stories have you probably heard? We’ve, I’ve heard some pretty phenomenal stories and many people are like, that’s too good to be true or that’s, you know, snake oil or blah, you know, and they’re, they don’t, they have all kinds of opinions and then they try it and they go.

Nicole Sullivan: Oh, wait a minute.

Nicole Sullivan: You know, I do recall a story of a person who, oh, I don’t think it’s doing anything for me. I don’t think, you know, anything’s happening. I think I’m gonna return the vise. Okay, no problem. You know, great, we’ll do that. And then next day, it was like a day or two later or something like that. No, no, no, I’m gonna keep it. And we said, oh, you know, okay, what changed? Oh, no, I had some blood work done and my doctor came back and asked what I was doing. And this is the only thing that I was doing and my blood work was really, really good. And it was like, oh, interesting, okay. Whether or not there’s a correlation, I can’t, I am not at liberty to say, yes, this is exactly what it is, but that person kept their device and was very, very happy with it. We, I have heard stories of people who’ve had horrific parasite issues. And as part of their Lyme protocol, they were, you know, on antiparasitics and doing all kinds of really heavy things which are quite hard on the system. And they weren’t getting any results. I cannot even count how many people and people you don’t have to do this who have sent us pictures of their parasites that they have passed.

Nicole Sullivan: as a result of using the LIME support frequency program. So it’s like.

Nicole Sullivan: whoa, right, and these are people on heavy duty anti-parasitic medications that they weren’t getting any traction. I know people that when we were doing some testing with NIKKI, that some people that were associated, like friends and family that were like, hey, you know, sure, we’ll test this for you kind of thing, that had had surgery.

Nicole Sullivan: and use the pain program instead of having to use the painkillers.

Nicole Sullivan: Wow, I didn’t even think about that. Yeah, and so I was like, wow, that’s pretty phenomenal.

Heather Gray: after their surgery. Bye.

Nicole Sullivan: I know of someone who works in a school, in an elementary school. And during, yeah, stress and anxiety, but actually travel, travel and viruses and bacteria. You know, imagine working in an elementary school with 500 kids and being exposed to everything that they do and all of their families and all the things that they do and, you know, sick and this one and this one getting sick and that one getting sick and then it spreads through the school. And they wore that every day and did not get sick.

Heather Gray: Travel. Travel.

Heather Gray: Last man standing.

Nicole Sullivan: Yeah, kind of very much so, right. So there’s stories like that works. It’s like these are just applications where you can use it on the on the regular. I happen to have both of my children have anxiety, amongst some other things. And my youngest has autism, anxiety, ADHD and a bunch of other things going on. There is not a day that goes by that that kid is not wearing NIKKI on stress and anxiety. And then wears it at nighttime, on the nighttime, because typically, they don’t sleep. They have a lot of a lot of sleeping issues. And so the stress and anxiety is one that is super, super helpful for them in terms of trying to regulate and trying to get through their days and what that can look like for them. So yeah, my child is not without NIKKI. And what’s what’s interesting about that is we had a wave one.

Nicole Sullivan: for them to try.

Nicole Sullivan: They couldn’t, they didn’t, there was a sensory issue for them with wave one. I don’t know if it was just the form factor. I don’t know if it was the strength of the lights or what it is, but my child, my youngest loves NIKKI. Loves, loves, loves. And wears it, like got a special band. It’s like, this is my NIKKI and they’ve nicknamed it and they’ve done all the things they do. And so, yeah, they love that device and are never without it, except when it has to be charged.

Heather Gray: Oh, you gave me goosebumps. I love that. Yeah, I love, you know, being a practitioner, I’m always trying to find ways to test its validity. And Wednesday nights were used to be my grocery shopping night, right. And I hit three different grocery stores, because I’m just that person that has to have things organic and this and clean and, you know, for the best price. So by the end of the evening, you know, it’s around nine o’clock. The last stop, I’m a little on the snippy side sometimes with the cashiers. I don’t I’m not proud to admit that. But you know, after a full day’s work, and then grocery shopping through places, right. So when I first got mine, I’m like, all right, I’m gonna hit energy.

Heather Gray: I could not believe at the end of my shopping trip, how I was still being polite and I still had energy to come home and put everything away. And I was like humming in the kitchen and my ex-husband noticed he was like, what’s gotten into you? And I’m like, I don’t, oh, I’m using my energy. Like, I’m not zapped. Like, you know, cause people don’t realize too that, you know, like, well, with pain, we talk a lot about how pain affects, right? Your mental health affects your mood. Same thing with lack of energy, right? So Heather’s not showing up as typical bubbly, nice Heather when she’s exhausted or in pain. So what a game changer that is, you know, it’s also the pain was really helpful when I was dealing with some sciatica stuff. I couldn’t get over how well it helped with the sciatica.

Nicole Sullivan: Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. The Energy One, I have had some experiences with the Energy One. There’s just so many others that I want to wear on the regular, but there’s been a couple of times where, again, like you, at night, I’m like, oh, I’m ready, go, don’t do it.

Nicole Sullivan: Oh, you better turn that off so that you can sleep. How about you turn that down? And, you know, let’s let’s let’s chill everything out so that you’re not still on energy at nine o’clock at night. Yeah.

Heather Gray: Yeah, sweet. So what are some last little nuggets that you’d like to leave people about, you know, using the NIKKI or why or, you know, if they’re a little bit nervous about it?

Nicole Sullivan: Well, we do have a guarantee, so there’s no harm in terms of trying it and seeing what you like. If it doesn’t work for you and you don’t like it, get a refund.

SPEAKER_01: A better life. Guaranteed.

SPEAKER_01: if NIKKI doesn’t improve your wellness and sense of well-being in 30 days.

SPEAKER_01: Send it back for a full refund. Free shipping, free plan, a set of frequencies for life, 30 day money back guarantee.

Nicole Sullivan: That it’s so you, there’s really, it’s a kind of a no risk. That is a no brainer. Yeah, the other thing that I really like is that while NIKKI uses a phone app to access the frequencies and communicate with the device itself, there’s the ability on the device to turn the Bluetooth off.

Nicole Sullivan: So with all of us being inundated with Bluetooth everywhere, and again, those are just more frequencies coming at you in different ways and with the ability to turn it off.

Nicole Sullivan: That’s fabulous to me because it’s not emitting. All it is emitting are the frequencies. So it’s really, that to me is a really great feature that we have in terms of being able to turn that on. I know so many people wear measurable, excuse me, devices that track and measure. And then as a result of that, they’re constantly emitting Bluetooth.

Nicole Sullivan: Right, I know that I right now, I’m wearing Bluetooth headphones. I have Bluetooth hearing aids, right? So any opportunity I have to turn the Bluetooth off.

Nicole Sullivan: Awesome, right? It just gives me just a little bit more. I don’t need that much more coming at me. The NIKKI is really, really simple to use. You get your device, you get your activation code, you download the app, you input your activation code, you connect with your device, your frequencies go on there, swipe, tap.

Nicole Sullivan: That’s the frequency I want. Oh, you want to charge it? Take it off, put it on the charger.

Nicole Sullivan: It’s really, really simple here at NIKKI.

Heather Gray: we really love our customers. And to show our appreciation, we’re giving away a device every single podcast episode. So make sure you go check out the show notes on how to enter. Stay tuned.

Nicole Sullivan: So in terms of accessibility, if anybody is hesitant because maybe they’re not technically oriented or they’re just, that seems like a barrier to entry, it’s really, really simple. It is just that many steps.

Nicole Sullivan: And with that, it’s comes.

Nicole Sullivan: this suite of frequency sets.

Nicole Sullivan: that have the ability and opportunity to enhance your life.

Heather Gray: How awesome to that. I love it. It’s actually not a subscription. Right. You pay for it and boom, it’s yours for for for life. So how awesome is that into what would you say to people who

Heather Gray: think that it might be a magic bullet, right? That that’s the only thing that they are going to try in their arsenal for certain of these conditions.

Nicole Sullivan: I think that that’s an unfair thing to do or statement to make with anything, honestly. I feel as bioenergetic and holistic beings that we have tools in our toolbox for a variety of reasons. I have it that each body, you know, mine in particular, I’ll use me as an example, I respond better to certain modalities than I do others.

Nicole Sullivan: So I do well with naturopathic, I do well with Ayurvedic, with Chinese medicine. I don’t do well with certain other things and as a result of that, it’s like, oh, I might use this and I might use that or I might try NIKKI and I might use something else or I might include chiropractic or I might include acupuncture or I might include the fact that I eat a highly anti-inflammatory diet. I think it’s really hard to look at us in isolation with any one modality or tool. I feel that they are all meant to be used in harmony and together and we all through trial and error find what works best for each other and ourselves. And I do think it’s like a misnomer to think, oh, this thing is gonna make it so much better but if you’re mainlining sugar or you smoke or you drink a lot of alcohol or you don’t get sleep or you’re constantly stressed out.

Nicole Sullivan: That’s not optimal in terms of functionality for living and for life and being a whole and happy, healthy human being.

Nicole Sullivan: So you can’t do one thing on one side and then tear it down with the other and think they’re gonna kind of cancel each other out. So I don’t have the belief myself. There’s any silver or magic bullets to anything. I feel that anything can enhance what you’re already doing and can be part of the tools in the toolbox. And as we go through life, we kind of figure out what works best for us. And there’s some sort of takeaways from major leaders out there in terms of best practices, in terms of getting enough sleep, getting enough hydration, getting enough playtime, looking at all the areas of your life, saying, okay, am I in balance in any one of these areas? And adding frequencies is not going to cancel out.

Nicole Sullivan: if there’s something else going on, but it certainly can be an amazing additional tool to a holistic lifestyle.

Heather Gray: Amen. Mainlining sugar. It cracks me up because I can, I can see that. And I know plenty of people who do sadly, it’s so highly addictive. Where does mindset fall into place when it comes to the success of using the NIKKI?

Nicole Sullivan: That is another great question!

Nicole Sullivan: I have seen babies use our technology.

Nicole Sullivan: So I’m not sure that, um.

Nicole Sullivan: You have to be completely in the mindset to be able to use it. And it’s not to say that babies aren’t completely conscious, amazing human beings. Of course they are. They’re amazing, huge human beings in little tiny packages. That’s the only difference between a baby and me. And when I have seen children of all ages use our technology, I’ve seen amazing results. And I don’t know if the mindset is just that they’re more open to it. Which it could very well be. And they don’t have some preconceived notions of how this should work or what it should do or have the fixated, I have to have this outcome. Maybe they’re just not fixated. And so to that end, maybe there is something really beautiful and open about that.

Nicole Sullivan: I have it that with all things in my life.

Nicole Sullivan: that my intention makes a difference in terms of living. I feel like an intention is everything. As like the precursor to thought, to form, to energy, to transaction, to creation, all of those things, I think intention is before that for me.

Nicole Sullivan: And as a result of that, I do feel that that influences mindset and how you behave and how you walk through the world and what will work well for you and what won’t. So if I go into do something with the Nintendo like this is not gonna work, this is junk or this is whatever, sometimes it can be pleasantly surprised. But I have it that if I am in an active creation in terms of creating a healthy and balanced life for myself and what that looks like for me according to what is important to me, then my intention is at the forefront of that. And that means I’m gonna look in for and attract the tools that will be supportive of that.

Heather Gray: Absolutely. Amen. And a hundred percent. Awesome, man. This was such, this was so amazing digging deeper. I thought we actually dug pretty deep the last time, but there was a whole nother layers that we got to today. So I really am blessed to have you on and sharing your knowledge and how cool that you have this amazing device named after you. Like I still can’t believe it. Let’s, you know, it’s making such a difference in so many people’s lives. So what a blessing you are, what a blessing this company is. God bless you. And for everybody else, if you want to check out more about where to find this, go to backslash podcast. And if you want to get 10% off, make sure to use the code bio beats and get your 10% off. So everyone else makes sure that you share, like, and subscribe. That’s how we get this information out into the world, into people’s hands and start changing their lives. Thank you again, Nicole, for joining us today and the rest of you have a healthy day.

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