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Episode 20: Bridgit Danner

Your house and your health

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Show Notes:

Bridgit Danner is a licensed acupuncturist and certified Functional Diagnostic practitioner. Bridgit’s interest in natural health reflects her passion for understanding and protecting the environment. While running an integrative wellness center in Portland, Oregon, she developed an environmental illness due to toxic mold in her home. She became acutely and personally aware of the powerful impact of the environment on health. Her family lost their house and contents to toxic mold and moved to the dry Arizona desert to heal. Working through her online community and in private consultation, Bridgit presents a functional approach to dealing with toxins and their impact on body systems. 

In conversation with Bioenergetics Beat Host Heather Gray, Bridgit tells how her life was changed forever by a hundred-year-old dream home that turned out to be a mold-ridden nightmare. She discusses the devastating impact mold had on her health led her to discover its invasive nature and how it can take over not only a house, but everything in it. The invisible airborne spores that can create mold on any damp surface from bathroom tiles to fabrics and furniture can also be carried into a car and other possessions outside the home. Bridgit stresses the importance of learning the history of a house before purchasing and outlines steps in maintaining a mold-free home, as well as dealing with health issues and pursuing paths to recovery.


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