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Episode 22: Sonya Christie

Listening to what the body is saying

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Show Notes:

Sonya Christie’s insatiable curiosity has led her along a far-ranging education and career path from a BSc in Forestry and research for MacMillan Bloedel to 17 years as an award-winning actress in feature films and television series. Marriage and motherhood re-ignited a passion for research and nature, with a focus on positive lifestyles and innovations in health. Today, Sonya is a practicing EAV/EDS technician skilled in detecting the energetic signature of toxins, allergies, emotional patterns, organ weakness, and dissonance in the body. Sonya completed her Chartered Herbalist Diploma at Dominion Herbal College to become an Integrative Health Practitioner. 

In her interview with Bioenergetics Beat Host Heather Gray, Sonya discusses the rapidly growing interest and recent discoveries in energy-based wellness enhancement and recovery. She describes how similar symptoms can stem from different personal histories and physical origins and how holistic health demands a one-to-one practitioner-patient approach. Sonya also touches on the role of supplements and her experience with the NIKKI wearable wellness device.

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