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Episode 25: Jenn Payeur

Immunity and the healing power of plants

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Show Notes:

A life-threatening health issue and the frustration of trying to find a cure sent Jennifer Payeur on an exploration of non-traditional therapies. Her journey led her to discover the healing properties of plants and inspired a determination to share her findings with others. Jennifer founded Nature Provides, an innovative plant stem cell company with a mission to educate and provide access to plant remedies that detoxify, strengthen and rejuvenate the cells in the body to enhance immunity, defeat disease and bring about vibrant health.

In her interview with Bioenergetic Beat Podcast Host Heather Gray, Jennifer describes the process involved in extracting stem cells from plants and how each plant provides benefits for specific organs in the body. She notes that the centuries-old discovery of the healing power of plant extracts is becoming a staple of traditional medicine and the treatment of serious illnesses. Plant stem cell therapy supports the body’s natural drive to be well. Jennifer reminds us that we are energetic beings with a measurable cell-generated biofield and that positive energy is contagious. 


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