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Episode 30: Gabe Golden 

Fighting Chronic Disease: Now at a theatre near you

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Show Notes:

Gabe Golden started his career in film and production, thriving on the energy of a movie set and the process of movie-making. He had no idea that his passion would lead to producing a definitive documentary on chronic disease. Gabe’s career took a turn with the return of the autoimmune disease rheumatoid arthritis he’d been diagnosed with at age 14. He was set on a traditional path to recovery with an ever-changing variety of prescription medicines that produced little result but lots of debilitating side effects. He determined to find a better way and document it to help others.

In conversation with Bioenergetics Beat host Heather Gray, Gabe describes his decade-long quest for a cure, sharing his experience with other victims of chronic diseases including Lyme and doing a deep dive into a holistic path toward recovery. He turned to solutions rooted in nature; ranging from diet and breathing exercises to meditation. As his community of fellow chronic disease sufferers grew, Gabe Golden decided to record his journey on film, with his highly acclaimed “Lighting the Path” feature and 12-part series the result.  

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