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Special Episode 31: Ryan Sutter and Dan Payne 

You have Lyme. Now what?

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Show Notes:

Ryan Sutter 

Ryan Sutter wooed his wife Trista and won her heart on the first season of the  Bachelorette reality show. Two children, their son Maxwell and daughter Blakesley followed to complete their family. An ex-NFL player and firefighter, Ryan would face the biggest challenge of his life in 2021, when he was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Ryan’s journey to recovery drops next week on the Bioenergetics Beat Podcast.   

Dan Payne  

Canadian actor Dan Payne has appeared in countless movies and TV series. He’s best  known for his role as John MacLeod in “Alice, I Think.” His most challenging part was one he hadn’t rehearsed for. Dan is recovering from Lyme disease. He shares the physical and mental trials he’s endured and the tools he’s discovered to power his recovery, including the NIKKI Frequency Delivery System. 

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