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Episode 35: Dr. Diane Mueller

A personal path to freedom from Lyme

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Show Notes:

Dr. Diane Mueller has a dual doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She is the author of the best-selling book “It’s Not All In Your Mind” and has been featured on Fox News, CBS, and numerous healthcare summits and podcasts. Dr. Mueller trains clinicians worldwide on taking a holistic approach to chronic disease treatment. Her personal journey from chronic illness to the excellent health she enjoys today began with a reluctance to rely on traditional medicine. Instead, she pursued a personal path; digging deep into her own past experiences and traumas in search of “triggers” for her symptoms.

In conversation with Bioenergetics Beat Podcast Host Heather Gray, Diane offers several unique insights. She talks of the importance of avoiding a victim mentality and says that for all the help and benefits support groups provide, over-reliance on a shared condition may also isolate a sufferer from people outside the group. The challenge is to avoid becoming defined by a chronic disease such as Lyme or mold illness. She also expresses her belief in the value of dedication to sports and other activities that present challenges and creates determination and resilience.

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