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Episode 36: Mollie Eastman

Shining a light on sleep

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Show Notes:

Challenged by insomnia during her international travels, Mollie Eastman created what she couldn’t find – a place to go to learn the secrets of sleep. With a background in behavioural change, she became fascinated with chronobiology; both its practical application to sleep optimization and the lifestyle implications. Mollie has now dedicated her life to sharing the forgotten skill set of sleep. To that end, she has created the #2 Sleep Podcast, written a popular weekly Sleep Newsletter for almost six years, created a signature Optimize Your Sleep course, partnered with luxury hotels & lifestyle brands, and appeared on over 150 podcasts.

In conversation with Bioenergetics Beat Host Heather Gray, Mollie describes poor sleep as resulting from a combination of many factors, from not enough natural light to a breakdown of our internal time clock. She notes that we have moved away from a lifestyle driven by nature and moved inside to an environment that disrupts our circadian rhythm. Mollie explains the domino effect of fatigue, apathy, poor diet, hormonal imbalance and lack of exercise. Poor sleep as an issue is the product of many issues that must be considered and resolved before a restorative rest can be counted on.

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