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Episode 38: Dr. Sam Shay

Finding a cure by going back to the future

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Show Notes:

Dr. Sam Shay specializes in functional lab and genetics analysis for data-driven results. He solves health puzzles for busy, health-conscious moms, mompreneurs, and adults with Aspergers so that they can move beyond survival to re-enter their communities. Dr. Shay’s mission is to help uncover the root causes of health concerns, shifting patients from merely surviving to actively thriving in their community. As a DC, IFMCP  with over 20 years in the field of natural health, he has developed the 10 Pillar Method to identify lifestyle aspects to often overlooked. Dr. Shay combines the 10 Pillar Method, Genetics, and Functional Lab Testing to clear a path to optimal health.

In conversation with Bioenergetics Beat Host Heather Gray, Dr. Shay describes in detail and with extensive visual reference how genetics foretell our susceptibility and reaction to health challenges brought on by disease and other factors. He explains how our upbringing can create clusters of genes that increase our vulnerability or empower us to heal. Determining an effective approach to the cure and recovery we want to realize calls first of all for an exploration of the roots of our DNA.



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