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Episode 6: Janis Klipper

Getting to know the wellness product customer

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Show Notes:

Getting to know the wellness product customer

Janis Klipper enjoys her role as a Sales/Customer Service Representative at NIKKI, where she leverages NIKKI technology to aid in her personal journey of recovery from Lyme disease. In this episode, she candidly shares her remarkable path and addresses the questions she is most often asked.

Janis believes that it “takes one to know one” and brings her own battle with Lyme and other co-infections to understanding that everyone experiences health issues in a different way. Empathy is the name of her game as she offers her clients a caring and patient approach to giving advice based on her many years of experience. In helping others with their recovery and progress toward improved health, Janis reflects on her own experience and a personal knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

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Heather Gray: Thank you so much for joining us for another awesome episode of Bioenergetics Beats. I’m Heather Gray, a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and certified bioenergetic practitioner. And this episode is brought to you today by NIKKI, Unleash the Wellness Within. It’s a non-invasive, easily affordable and highly effective approach to optimize wellness. It’s a wearable device that puts frequency better based life in your hands and on your wrist. And you’ll want to make sure to stick to the very end because we always have something awesome to give away. But you’re not going to want to miss one little beat of this episode anyway, because we’ve got one of our very own who’s been with us for a long time. We’re going to go a little bit into her story on some of the testimonial that she has with the program. And then we’re also, after the break, we’re going to talk about some of the more frequently asked questions, right? Because maybe you’ll hear your question. Maybe you’re sitting there right now with your NIKKI going, oh, that’s what I needed to know. So hopefully we’ll spark some conversation with that. But everybody, hey, let’s welcome Janis to the show. Ms. Janis.

Janis Klipper: Thank you. Hi, Heather. Good to be here.

Heather Gray: here. Miss Janis, I’ve heard you have some pretty amazing information to tell us about your experience with using the Wave 1 and the NIKKI. Could you tell us a little some of the benefits that you experienced when using the product? Can you tell us first who you are and what you do here

Janis Klipper: FREmedica. Yes, my name is Janis Klipper and I started working here August 1st 2018 and I work with customers and customer service and I also do Lyme trials and help people with the device and the technology.

Heather Gray: How did you get involved with FREmedica to begin with? Like what brought you to this?

Janis Klipper: Well, they thought I would be a good fit. So in June of 2018, I came down from Kelowna and had an interview with our Nicole Sullivan. And she told me all about the about the device and about frequencies, and I hadn’t known much about them before, and had talked to me about Lyme disease, because it wasn’t in my radar, really, and about people going from two different doctors and spending a lot of money and just the difference that these frequencies are making helping helping people turn a corner. So I gave it a lot of thought. And I joined in, as I said, 2018, August 1. That’s incredible. Yay. So tell us some of the

Heather Gray: That’s incredible. Yay! So tell us some of the benefits that you noticed when you were using the program.

Janis Klipper: So it was interesting before I started, in the month of March, I turned 60. And then in April, I had some news that really affected a lot of different areas of my life. And I started to get a bunch of symptoms that progressed like a tsunami. And I thought I was getting dementia. And I also thought I was getting MS from the symptoms I had neurologically, mentally, physically, and I was terrified. I would do a dementia test every week and I’m a nurse as well. So we always self-diagnose ourself. And no one really knew how bad I was, except people that were close to me, because you can hide it pretty well. And my daughter had come to see me. I hadn’t seen her for seven months. And she had told me about a year and a half later that I had gone downhill so quick that what she had seen when she came and saw me on Mother’s Day of 2018 was what she envisioned me like as a little old 85-year-old lady. And so anyway, I was tested. And as they were testing me, they were picking up some of the things that I had. And Stuart started asking me about the symptoms. And I said, yes, I have that. And I experienced that, I experienced that. And then he said, Janis, have you ever been bitten by a tick? And I went, oh my gosh. I had forgotten that in four and a half years prior, I was taking an outdoor photography class in the summertime, wearing my bare feet in Skechers. And I took my Skechers off at the end of the day and had a tick attached to the top of my foot. And so I just screamed like, get that thing off me. But Lyme still was not in my radar. And I didn’t get a bullseye rash or anything. And so I had symptoms, but I thought it was menopause until in 2018, when I had a very stressful life event, that’s when symptoms just, it was unbelievable. I went to my eye doctor because my vision was impaired. I went to my regular doctor. I had ultrasounds because I had swelling on the side of my neck. Everything was fine as far as they were concerned. And so I started wearing the Wave 1 and it did take time, it’s not immediate. It wasn’t for me and it’s different for everyone. And one by one, my symptoms started to ease or drop off. Now, I don’t know what my immune system took care of first, but the first thing I noticed is I was sleeping better. And I just thought, well, I’ve moved to Vancouver Island from Kelowna, so I’m at sea level now. And then a couple of weeks later, I picked up a book by the side of my bed and I could read it. And before, when I tried to read, it looked like there was like a sentence sort of over top of another one and I couldn’t make it out, very blurry. And then finally, the third thing, this was a little while later, it was a second place I moved into. And I went into the bathroom to open up the bathroom window and I had to step up on the edge of the tub and lean over. So when I did that, I opened the window, went back into the living room and then it hit me. I thought when I moved from Kelowna, I was so weak. I had to take down the shower curtain when I was moving. I had to push myself up on the counter, lift up my arms like I was doing a chin up to get the shower curtain down. I was wondering, am I gonna take down the shower rod? And I could not even hold up my own body weight. So I went back into the bathroom, I tried my other leg and I could do it. So every week without fail, I’d go back and test both legs. And that’s when I realized this device is starting to work. And as I say, one by one, it seems like when people start to have things drop off or an ease of symptoms, it seems to be like one at a time, you’ll notice and be mindfully aware because they just get better and better. And that builds over time. So when you talk to me a year later, there was so much that had changed in my life and even up into the second year. And I honestly, I’ve said to people that I talked to, I don’t know where I’d be today, what kind of shape I would be in if I didn’t get this device. Cause I was going downhill fast and I was honestly terrified for my brain and for my body.

Heather Gray: So I think some of the brain stuff is some of the most scary stuff, especially when you’re still cognitive that it’s slipping. Like that is, that was one of my most terrifying things. And Ms. Janis, I didn’t realize you had your own Lyme story. Holy cow.

Janis Klipper: I can share my details with you sometime. I mean, it was, it was bad. So I share my story on the phone with people and like, Oh my gosh, I had that. I mean, I have a list of symptoms and even with talking with clients, I’m like, Oh my gosh, I forgot. I used to have that. So yeah, it’s, it’s been the thing. It’s interesting about me. We never tell anyone this. I never went to a doctor or used anything, antibiotics or anything, because I had heard about the Wave 1. And I thought, why would I personally, what was my journey? Why would I go to a doctor? I just use this technology. So that’s

Heather Gray: that’s incredible holy yeah that is incredible um tell me a little bit about the difference between like we just came out with the nikki we had the nikki and then now we’re out with the nikki plus line can you tell me a little bit about the difference between the nikki and the nikki plus line

Janis Klipper: My pleasure. So the Lyme program is the same. And the big difference is with the Wave 1, you download an app on your computer, and you have a data USB cord that you connect to your Wave 1 and to the computer and your app pops up. And that’s where you are able to adjust some of the time settings. For example, the Lyme program is a frequencies of detoxification, Lyme Complete. Lyme Complete addresses Lyme, co-infections, viruses, bacteria, mold, and parasites, and then also a frequency session for stress and anxiety. So with the Wave 1, you can adjust the times, as I said, for the detox or the Lyme Complete and also the stress and anxiety. With the NIKKI Plus Lyme, you download, it’s an app that you do on the App Store, Play Store, or Apple Store. And it’s a device that you wear on your wrist. So it’s a smaller, it’s smaller, just like that, looks like an Apple Watch. And you slide the screen and tap. And what happens, what’s so easy about it is this, the program is set for you, you don’t need to make any changes at all with the NIKKI. And it starts out with one minute on detox, one minute on Lyme Complete, 60 minutes on stress and anxiety, that’s day one. Day two, it adds one more minute to detox, one more minute to Lyme Complete, 60 minutes for stress and anxiety. Sorry, I think I said seconds before. Day three, it adds one more minute to detox, one more to Lyme Complete, 60 minutes stress and anxiety. And it continues to build up one minute each day until you reach day 30. And we’re building you up slowly to that to get your body used to the frequencies. And then you continue, the full program, 30 minutes detox, 30 minutes Lyme Complete, 60 minutes stress and anxiety. So that’s the main difference. It’s using the computer. And with the NIKKI device, it’s just taps and play. And it’s just super simple.

Heather Gray: I love how easy this is and to change it, you know, at any time, like when I’m traveling using EMFs or if I’m in the middle of an allergy attack and I can just switch it to allergies. Tell me a little bit, go deeper into the Lyme Support Program, like why is it so robust and tell me what all makes up of the Lyme Support Program.

Janis Klipper: Well, as I said, it’s a detox program, so that’s first we need to detoxify your body because we want to clean around all those cells if they’ve got a lot of.

Janis Klipper: gunk around them, your cells are not going to be receiving the information from the frequencies well. So we need to detoxify the body first. And I know a lot of people will be on a detox program and they’ll go to a health food store and they’ll buy detox and they’re taking those things orally. So the big difference is, you know, if they’re taking something orally, it’s information telling their body to detox. But when you’re doing it through frequencies, it’s just a different route. It’s a different way of taking that. And the detox will tell your lungs to detoxify, your liver, your kidneys, your lymph, everything, get the lymph moving. That’s very, very important. So that’s the first set of frequencies. And then the Lyme, it takes care of all different types of Lyme, many co-infections and the viruses and bacteria, mold and parasites that are common to people that have a compromised immune system, like having Lyme, because those are opportunistic things and they just jump on board. So for example, I had, what did I have? I had Mycoplasma, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Babesia and Toxoplasmosis. So the tick that bit me didn’t actually have Lyme, but it had Babesia, which is a co-infection. So people with Lyme will have multiple, they’ll have like a whole cocktail of things. And what I love about the Lyme Complete is it’s so comprehensive that your immune system will only take the information that it needs and go after that. So for example, I didn’t have Lyme, so my immune system didn’t use the information for Lyme, but it used it, everything else. And then the stress and anxiety is really important because when your body is fighting off symptoms and you are just, you’ve got symptoms that are increasing, you are literally in a fight or flight mode. And we really need to calm this sympathetic nervous system down to calm so that your body can begin to heal and receive that information and use it well. So it’s very comprehensive. And I am living testimony. We have so many people that their lives have been turned around because it is so comprehensive and it takes care of so many things.

Heather Gray: That’s beautiful. And you know, it’s funny, because in the functional health world, they like to talk about getting to the root cause of any issues. But really, I feel like, you know, just as like conventional medicine, we’re diving deeper with functional medicine. Now we’re even deeper with the bioenergetics, right? Because that, that typically has a tendency to be the root root cause, because our bioenergetic field is out, if our coherence, you know, between our brain and our in our in our heart are not talking to each other, right, that has a tendency to have everything else out. So even like the supplements that you take, or, you know, the food that you eat, you’re not going to get the full benefit out of it, if your bioenergetic field is still out, if you’re, if your coherence in your heart and your brain aren’t talking to each other properly. So I love, love, love this type of technology. And we’ve made it so frickin easy with the with

Janis Klipper: Exactly, exactly. And you know, people, you know, some people that are not computer savvy, I’m one of those. And that’s the thing that’s great about the Nikki, it’s pretty, pretty simple, you know, the app on the phone, and you’re, you’re pretty much done.

Heather Gray: Super simple. And I love, love, love how we’re coming out with new frequencies. And once you already have that app, right, loaded, then you can purchase new frequencies as they come out. You know, I imagine at some point we’ll probably have something for, you know, uh, I don’t know. I don’t want to get into spec. Exactly. Name it. Like we’re going to be coming up with all kinds of crazy stuff. We’ve already started bundling, you know, frequencies together.

Janis Klipper: Exactly. Name it. Like we’re going to be coming up with all kinds of

Janis Klipper: I feel that there’s no, there’s no limit really. Personally, I’m very excited about this.

Heather Gray: I’ve been told to ask you the difference between Nikki Plus Line versus just the Platinum Program.

Janis Klipper: Okay, so Nikki Plus Lyme. Nikki Plus Lyme has the Lyme program, which I’ve been talking about. The detox, Lyme Complete, and the stress and anxiety with a one-minute increase each day, up to 30 days, getting you to that point, and then you continue to wear it. 30 minutes on detox, 30 minutes on Lyme Complete, and 60 minutes on stress and anxiety, and you don’t need to change that. It advances all by itself. So you wear it for one full cycle. 16 hours later, it’s gonna add a minute. So that’s how it works. The Nikki Platinum, those are frequencies for wellness. So that’s not for a specific diagnosis at all. That is for people that are well and they want enhanced wellness.

Janis Klipper: So that’s the big difference. If you have Lyme, you buy the NIKKI Plus Lyme. If you wanna have enhanced wellness, you buy the NIKKI.

Janis Klipper: or, you know, Nikki plus Lyme plus the enhanced wellness, the platinum features to have on both is very handy as well.

Heather Gray: I think some people, it can be a little confusing because we have a 30-day money-back guarantee and you also talked about, you know, it takes 30 days to get to full maximum dose, but does that mean that we stop using it after 30 days?

Janis Klipper: No, not at all. I know with the Wave 1, when we have been selling that, it’s a 30-day return policy. I like to talk about return policy with the Wave 1, because you’re not going to have your Lyme unraveled and be feeling fantastic in 30 days. Some people that I have talked to, literally, I think the longest one has had Lyme for 50 years, 40 years, 30, 20. The entire range, you name it, and they come to us, and they’ve used so many other things, many other modalities, gone from doctor to doctor, et cetera. You continue to wear it. I still wear mine. I don’t have it on at the moment, but I still wear mine because I’m getting the benefit of detox. If I ever get bit by another tick, I talked to three people this spring that were terrified and they’d gone to the emergency to get doxycycline, I think I’m pronouncing it properly, some antibiotics, powerful antibiotics, because they were bitten by a tick. I said, you know what? Don’t worry. You’ve got your Wave 1. I look at the immune system like an army. I look at the Wave 1 like it is putting weapons in your immune system to go after whatever it is. I think I’ve elaborated a little bit, because you asked me the difference between the platinum and the Nike Plus Lyme. As I said, Nike wellness for enhanced wellness, because it’s got multiple frequencies. Then the Nike Plus Lyme, if you’ve got Lyme disease or co-infections, et cetera, that’s the one that you need. It’s a return policy of 30 days with the Nike Plus Lyme. That is not that you are going to be, that’s where we were going, feeling better, because as I said, it takes time to unravel. It was about a couple of months before I started noticing things. Like you just talked about too, it depends on so many things. Are you drinking good, healthy, good, clean water? How is your nutrition? How is your diet? Do you have pre-existing conditions? Do you have stress in your life? What’s happening with your hormones? All these things make a difference on healing. How well do you detox? The 30 days for the Nike Plus Lyme is for, I would say, for people that are ultra, super sensitive, and we do get a few, you are going to know within 30 days if you can tolerate those frequencies. It’s also important to make sure that you are doing everything you can to support your body in the detoxification process, and taking binders as well to help with that, because people may hurts, and that’s actually a good thing, but we don’t want you suffering with that, and there’s things that you can do to mitigate that. Does that answer your question?

Heather Gray: Yeah, absolutely. Because that just was a little confusing to a lot of folks I know. And you know, we were talking about one person who actually didn’t start seeing results until month seven. Oh, so it is. And I like to say very often, this isn’t a magic bullet, folks, you know, it’s just another tool in your arsenal. And there’s so many other things that you need to like Janis had talked about the diet, the mindset, trauma, water. So just making sure that people don’t realize that, oh, well, I’m not cured in a month. So I’m gonna, you know, I’m gonna, I’m gonna request my money back, and I’m gonna send it back. Please don’t keep wearing it. This is a really great place to pause. So we’re going to pause for a quick commercial break. Don’t go anywhere, you’re going to want to stay to the very end. Because like I said, we’ve got a lovely giveaway. Don’t go anywhere. Stay tuned.

Heather Gray: Hey, welcome back, everybody. If you missed the first part of this, boy, you missed an amazing, inspiring story of our very own Janis here. And we’re gonna dive deeper into some of the customer service questions that she gets a lot of, and even some of her most inspiring things that she’s heard while working in customer service. So welcome everybody back, Janis. Welcome back, Janis.

Heather Gray: So I’m gonna go with some of the questions that we normally hear. What happens when I feel worse while wearing the Lyme Frequency Support Program? So we talked a little bit about that HERX, but what are some of the things that we can do or we tell people, right, when you’re experiencing a little bit of a HERX?

Janis Klipper: Mm hmm. So reach out to us, and we will send you a lovely email. And that is actually when you’re having a Herxheimer reaction. Many people know this, but I’ll just go over it. That is when you have die off. So the frequencies are being effective. And when those spirochetes die, they send out toxins into your body. And with that, if you don’t eliminate them quick enough, what happens is you have a Herxheimer, it’s called a Herxheimer reaction. And that means those toxins are reabsorbed into your body. So the ways to mitigate that is to make sure you’re drinking lots of water every day, you have to have a well hydrated cellular system and all your systems in your body need to be hydrated properly for proper elimination and detoxification. And then the other thing that’s important to do if you are in suffering quite a bit because you can and what those reactions are that you get, they are your Lyme symptoms that you had, I have people that phone and say, Oh, my gosh, I’m having a relapse. It’s actually not a relapse. It’s a Herxheimer reaction. And, you know, the Lyme frequencies are designed to do that the immune system is doing what it’s supposed to do. However, we want you to eliminate those toxins before they’re reabsorbed. So we have a video in that email that we send from Dr. Schaffner when it was taken from another live event in May. And it’s a five minute video, it’s not long, it’s really interesting. And she’s talking about what she recommends her patients to do. And she gives an entire list of binders, there’s so many different types. And you can go to your health food store and ask them about the different types and take them. And then she talks about when you are even really having discomfort, you can double up your binders. So that’s what we recommend to do. And that helps. I know some clients that do that on a regular basis. And even Dr. Schaffner talks about when treating Lyme, people should be taking binders all the time to help. Absolutely.

Heather Gray: I love other, what are some of the other detox methods that we suggest?

Janis Klipper: So dry body brushing, infrared sauna, Epsom salts bath, deep breathing, movement. I know something that’s really good for lymph is one of those little, what do they call those little round trampolines? Rebounders. Rebounders, that’s really great to get your lymph glands going. So some of those things, and of course water. I’ve talked to people that have said, I am in excruciating pain and my coworkers are telling me I’m sort of green. And I said, are you drinking water? No, I’m not. So, I mean, even that can be a simple thing that really makes a difference for people.

Heather Gray: It is amazing getting back to the foundations. Exactly. People forget when they’re really sick. I just got off a call with a girl and she was like, well, what about this prescription and what about this? And what about that? And I’m like, have you eaten today? She said, no. I said, have you moved around today? She said, no. I said, how much water have you had to drink today? She said like two cups. And I’m like, stop focusing on the treatment part and let’s, let’s get back to the basics, right? It’s amazing what beauty and magic happens when we, you know.

Janis Klipper: Give her body what it needs.

Heather Gray: Yeah, absolutely. Hey, so what happens if I’m running into issues and need help? How do I contact the team?

Janis Klipper: You go to help at and customer service will get an email. We will answer you via email. And if there needs to be a conversation, we’ll send a meeting link. Sometimes going back and forth with emails, it just doesn’t work in a conversation is better. So we’re here to support you about the technology. Definitely.

Heather Gray: with somebody with Lyme brain, oh my gosh.

Heather Gray: Yes, 100%. To Lymeys, speaking from experience.

Janis Klipper: speaking. Yes, we have to have a talk after this, Heather, that we don’t have anymore.

Heather Gray: Give me another question that you hear quite frequently that you think would be beneficial to be said out loud on this podcast.

Janis Klipper: How long do I need to wear it for? So again, something that we find is that when people have a Wave 1, they don’t wanna stop wearing it because they just feel better and it’s prevention and it’s part of their daily regime, which is what I do. So I just incorporate that with eating healthy, drinking water, wearing my device, I need to move more and taking supplements for vitamins and that kind of thing. So, continue to wear it. There’s not a stop date for it. And it’s interesting because some of these little spirochetes have different life cycles as well. So we wanna catch all of those also. And I have had, I’ve gotta say, many calls about people that have, they stop wearing it and then they…

Janis Klipper: get bitten by a tick. So they’ve got that device or they’ve sold it to someone else. They buy it back. I had a gentleman that called there was one specific sorry, one specific symptom he was really wanting to target and unfortunately, he did not have the results he wanted from that, although there were many other symptoms that eased up for him. So he had returned it, excuse me, and a year later, he called me says Janis, you’re gonna think I’m crazy. I said, Try me. And he said, you know, I was looking over my notes. And he said, I realized how much good this device was doing me. I would like to buy another one. Absolutely. Of course you can. So that’s something else that we recommend. I’m just going to mention it is we recommend that people just start journaling, it doesn’t have to be long, it can be even bullet points. So before you start using the device, write down what your symptoms are neurologically, physically, lifestyle, you know how you’re feeling your attitude about life, just living, and then be mindfully aware of subtle changes, and mark them down on a date when you have them. And then it’s really good to go over and review those things, because we forget. And something else that I want to say that’s really important is for people to really celebrate the small changes, because they are huge victories. For example, I hadn’t been able to read a book for a long I love to read and I couldn’t. That was amazing. Is that like running a marathon? Well, kind of, because it’s, it’s a massive change. I’ve had people say just for example, I’m thinking of one woman, and she said, Janis, even the thought of thinking about doing projects at my house, I can’t even go there. And then weeks later, and she was one that she wore her device for seven or eight months before she really said, Okay, Janis, this is working, because she’d say, I don’t know, I don’t know. And she said, You’re not going to believe it. She said, I actually can see the top of my desk in my office. She said that might not seem like much to you. But to her, it was massive. And she went one evening and watched a sunset and she wept.

Janis Klipper: the beauty and she hadn’t felt joy in such a long time. I’m just giving you some examples of things.

Janis Klipper: it impacts our lives on so many different ways. In relationships, when we first started back in 2019, there was a woman that she said, you know, I was able to bake Christmas cookies for my family, and she hadn’t been had didn’t have the energy to do that for such a long time. Another gentleman out of Boston, he got back into his photography. And I mean, there’s so you know, it helps with artistic, physically, mentally, every level that your life touches, every way that you touch life or life touches you, it can it helps to impact, you know, getting down in your on the floor playing with your grandkids, I had one guy phone me says, You’re not gonna believe what I’m doing right now. What are you doing? He says, I’m riding my horse. I haven’t been able to ride my horse for years. So I just wanted to share some of those things.

Heather Gray: That’s absolutely beautiful. You gave me goosebumps. Another frequently asked question I’ve heard is, can you wear the Wave 1 and the Nikki at the same time?

Janis Klipper: Well, I would, you know, something, my personal belief is, I think you should take care of one thing and then the other. So when if you’re buying the Wave 1, always wear the line, and then add the wellness. So we talked about that, you know, some people like to wear do their Lyme, when they’re sleeping, and then some people and then they can do their wellness frequencies during the day. So I would say do them differently, because I personally, especially for the first month or so, or at least you get into the good, another month of doing the detox in the line for 30 minutes each to give your body an opportunity to start to recognize those frequencies and start to respond.

Heather Gray: Absolutely. 110%. That’s in the mornings, you know, I’m always running my Lyme and mold first thing. And then after that, then I might run, you know, stress and anxiety or energy or allergies, or if I’m traveling, you know, so I actually have two devices because I like to be able to wear one at night if I need one to help with my sleep. Right. So I’ve always got one on the charger. We’re almost at time. So let’s, I would love to leave on another high note. This has all been really high, but tell me one of your like most favorite, his favorite success stories.

Janis Klipper: There’s been so many.

Janis Klipper: We were doing some Lyme trials and we had a live event in May. And one of the girls shared a little bit of her story and she had been sick for so long and she, her passion is yoga and she hadn’t been able to do it. No energy, no, I mean, pain and all that kind of thing. And she was sharing her story and she was literally moved to tears because she was going to get back into yoga and get back into teaching. And she’s finding her passion again. And I think, you know, that’s her story. And there’s so many others that have found their passion. Not only, you know, their physical and mental, but their passion in life. It’s like, you know, what that gifting that has been put on the inside of you or what, you know, what you, where you find your purpose, people are getting in touch with that again, and I think, I mean, that just makes an individual sore and that’s where they, they thrive. So.

Heather Gray: Ms. Janis, you were such a pleasure to have on today. You’re such a wealth of information and you’re part of the heart of this whole operation. And that’s why I think the success of this company has been the way that it is because of the people behind it like you. So thank you for everything that you do at FREmedica and NIKKI. Thank you so much.

Heather Gray: make sure that you end up going to forward slash podcast and enter in BioBeats for 10% off. And because we really love our customers so much and we want to show appreciation, we want to give away a free NIKKI every episode. So go head on over to the show notes and that’ll teach you how to enter to win. But everybody else, make sure to have a healthy day. Stay tuned and join us again. Thanks again, Janis. Thank you.

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