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Episode 7: Miriam Cloutier

Tech FAQs and a journey to wellness

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Show Notes:

NIKKI “Architect of Awesome” Miriam Cloutier describes her career path from seasoned travel agent to inspired tech expert for the leader in bioenergetic-based wellness wearables. She outlines the role frequency technology played in supporting her own recovery from chronic illness. Miriam details the steps along the way in evolving NIKKI technology to offer touchscreen simplicity in a watch-size wellness support device.

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Heather Gray: Thank you so much for joining me today on another awesome episode of Bioenergetics Beats. I’m Heather Gray, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Certified Bioenergetic Practitioner. And this episode is brought to you today by NIKKI, Unleash the Wellness Within. It’s a non-invasive, easily affordable and highly effective approach to optimize wellness. It’s a wearable device that puts frequency better based life in your hands and on your wrist. Make sure to stick around to the very, very end as always, because we have a very special giveaway. You’re not gonna wanna miss out. But of course, you’re never gonna wanna miss out on one minute, one second of this awesome guest. So we’ve got another episode with our very own Miriam. How long have you been with the company, Ms. Miriam?

Miriam Cloutier: Hey Heather, I’ve been with FREmedica in November to be three years. Oh, congratulations. I forgot.

Heather Gray: Let’s welcome Miriam to the show, everybody.

Heather Gray: I skipped a step there, but I was just so excited to talk to you. I know, it’s really exciting. So the reason we’re talking about this is, so first off, we’re going to go a little bit into your story, how you got started with FREmedica, why, and some of the benefits that you’ve experienced since wearing a lot of this tech. We’ll take a quick break and then we’ll jump into some of the technical aspects around the apps and just some of the more frequently asked questions when it comes to that stuff. But tell us, tell us your story, Ms. Miriam. What brought you to FREmedica?

Miriam Cloutier: Sure. Okay. So, um, previous podcast, we’ve met Nicole Sullivan. She’s our president. So before I joined FREmedica, I was actually a travel agent for 15 years, um, 2020 COVID hit that economy shut down and my job was furloughed and Nicole and I have worked in previous. I’ve been travel agent for several companies that she has transitioned through. And so I was actually the travel agent for FREmedica and WeAreNIKKI. And so when the job was furloughed, Nicole and I were always in contact. And we said,

Miriam Cloutier: Hey, like, what’s your future? And I was like, I don’t know. Like, I just lost a 15 year career. Like I don’t have plans, but I knew that I wanted something different. And she was like, you know what, come and have this conversation with us here, here at FREmedica at the time. And I was like, okay, sure. Why not? I had no intention of working until I think I was going to take about nine or six, nine months off. And, you know, either look at a different career or see what kind of options we had. So I came in, spoke to Nikki, met with Stephen. That was a Friday. I started working the Monday and I knew nothing about.

Miriam Cloutier: Like any type of thing about medical, about health, about wellness that wasn’t told to me by a doctor. So it was very like. Lights, they do what like did not understand any of it. And so I remember starting my first day. And so I do have, I have Crohn’s disease and I was really sick for five years. And Nicole knew me through all the times I miss work at my previous job, everything. And so you’re starting at a company that deals with Lyme disease. And so I, my first thought and anyone who deals with Lyme disease or anything is how am I going to be employable? I’m sick. I miss days. It’s really hard to come into work and put your best face forward. And so my first thought was like, I found a place where they’re going to be understanding that, you know what you are going to take more sick days than most. And on my first day I’m given the Wave 1. And I was like, what kind of woo woo is this is my first reaction. And I thought, well, I’m all in, I’m going to see what this company is about. I, you know, love Nicole, love Stephen met the team. And I’m like, well, let’s just see what this is.

Miriam Cloutier: So I go home wearing my Wave 1, still not understanding. There’s a whole world of wellness that I’ve never even seen or heard of.

Miriam Cloutier: My third day, and I remember it so vividly. I’m in Nikki’s office and I’m crying.

Miriam Cloutier: because I’m sleeping.

Miriam Cloutier: haven’t slept solid for five years. And I didn’t understand, like, why am I sleeping? Like, what is this? And I said to her, and I said to Stephen, I said, I don’t care if I don’t mean my three months, but you’re not getting this device back. And then I was so adamant. I’m like, oh no, if you guys are like, see you later, I’m keeping this because all of a sudden I realized I could sleep. And then with sleep came other things. So with my Crohn’s, I went through in a four year period, like 18 bowel obstructions, three major abdominal surgeries. And so with that,

Miriam Cloutier: Here’s your pain medicine.

Miriam Cloutier: Here’s this, here’s that. It wasn’t change your diet, change this, change that. Here’s a medication to help you. Here’s a medication to help you. So then I’m now four weeks in, haven’t taken any pain medicine, but you don’t realize it.

Miriam Cloutier: And, and I was like, what is this? Like, I don’t, I don’t understand it’s they’re just lights. They’re just lights. And then the more you, the more I delve into it and the more better quality of life, the Wave 1 gave me, and I don’t have Lyme disease, but I wore the Lyme program. Heather, it was, I get up, I go home, I could do something. Whereas before you get up, you went to work and you went home and you went to bed because that’s all you had the energy for your weekends. You sleep through the weekends because you’re recharging to get through your week, all of a sudden I am.

Miriam Cloutier: coming to work, going home, doing something.

Miriam Cloutier: doing something on the weekends, reconnecting with my friends. And that was when I was thankful that the universe aligned and put me here. I didn’t plan to get a job. I didn’t plan to work in like a wellness company. I was probably going to be a bookkeeper, but my path to FREmedica and, you know, Nikki and I circled our world circled for. Seven years around each other. And that’s how long we’ve known each other. And, you know, I started working here and losing my career. 15 years was devastating, but I can now see it was the best thing that ever happened to me for my health. And I love it here. I love seeing how we’re growing, how we’re evolving. I love talking. I believe we have a podcast with our, one of our customer service team members, Janis. And I love when they run into my office and they’re crying and they’re just like, I just talked to a girl that hasn’t been able to drive her car for four years and she just drove to the Harry Styles concert because she hasn’t been able to drive. I, a grandma was able to pick up her kid from school and, you know, you have these moments and every job has a hard job and we have hard days, but then you have these people that you’re, you know, even making a small difference. And I remember, um, hosting one of our events and somebody said to me.

Miriam Cloutier: You know, when you have a chronic illness, you can ask yourself.

Miriam Cloutier: How are you? Were you better than yesterday?

Miriam Cloutier: No, I don’t know. Were you better than two weeks ago? Hmm, not sure. How were you better than a year ago? And then you kind of see like, wow.

Miriam Cloutier: yeah, I’m able to do things in the evening, I’m able to do this. And so when I started, we had one tech, now we have a different technology and we’re growing and I just love where we’re going and hearing from people and just making a difference in people’s lives that may not realize there are other options out there for people.

Heather Gray: Absolutely. It’s crazy to me how magnetic this company is because I tell a similar story. Like I wasn’t looking to go work with anybody, right? I’m an entrepreneur at heart, but when I met Stephen on my podcast, by the end of the podcast, I was like, ah, I don’t know if you have a spot for me, but you’ve got to make a spot for me. I have to be a part of this. Like I said, entrepreneurs don’t beg other people for jobs, but you know, here we are, you’re like, I wasn’t planning on working, you know, blah, blah, blah. So it’s funny how magnetic this company is. And then once you get in it, it’s, it’s hard to think about ever getting out because just the mission and what it’s doing, how easy this tech is and the price, the price is just ridiculous. I still can’t get over. I actually dismissed it the first couple of times I saw it come around because I was like, there’s no way it works at that price. There’s no way.

Miriam Cloutier: There’s no way. Yeah, right. But that goes along with the values. You know, one thing with Stephen and what I love about the company is we’re here to help people and we’re gonna do whatever we can to help people. We want people to be well. We, you know, so we work really hard to be cost-effective and to help people. So that’s one of my favorite things is it’s not about

Miriam Cloutier: we, you know, proper, proper profit. It’s what’s next that we can do to help people. What can we release? What can we look at? What can we change? What can we do to go forward so more people can get help, can get, you know, on a path to better wellness and just be a better person mentally, physically.

Heather Gray: Absolutely, 110%. This, what an inspiring, beautiful, amazing story, Miriam. Like I had no idea either. So this has just been a blast for me getting to know my coworkers better. But this is a great spot to take a little commercial break. Don’t go anywhere. You’re gonna wanna stick around to the very end so you can find out what it is we’re giving away. And we’ll dive deeper into the questions about the different tech and how it all works and just get a little bit more on the geeky tech side. So stay tuned.

Heather Gray: Welcome back, everybody. Thank you again. If you missed the beginning half, you missed such an inspiring, beautiful story from one of our very own lovely Miss Miriam. We’re going to dive a little deeper into the tech, the difference between the Wave 1, the difference between the Nikki, the different apps, and just, you know, some of the more frequently asked questions when it comes to the tech, because sometimes the sad part is when you’re dealing with sick people, sometimes you’re dealing with confused brains. And so the more we can kind of touch on these points, the more that we can, you know, help make sense. So let’s bring back in Miriam. Let’s talk about the Wave Assist to start with.

Miriam Cloutier: So our first technology that we have is our Wave 1, and a lot of people will recognize this. So this is the one that’s currently available. By the time you see this podcast we might have moved over to NIKKI Plus Lyme but we have like there’s thousands of out in the world helping people and so the Wave 1 is was our first big project that had the line, the Lyme program on it. And when we first launched the Lyme program, you went through a three month phase and you had to wear for 30 days and we slowly introduced our Lyme program to you with the Wave 1.

Miriam Cloutier: Then what is happening is the world is changing and people don’t have desktop computers anymore. So when you bought the Wave 1, it was activated with our Wave Assistant app, which is still available and you had to register. But then what started to happen is we’ve moved to tablets, we’ve moved to iPhones, we’ve moved to mobile technology and more and more people don’t have access to desktop computers. They don’t use Windows, they don’t have Macs. And so that made us listen like, if we still wanna help people in the future, we have to look at different technology. With the Wave 1, I still wear my Wave 1 every day, I love it. Everyone here still wears their Wave 1 and we do also wear our new technology, NIKKI. With the Wave 1, we had our Wave Assistant app you would plug into on the computer and you could advance your program, go back in your minutes. And so you have some free form of what you could do with your program. But less and less people are having the ability to actually use or try the Wave 1 because we don’t have computers anymore. We have mobile technology. So last fall, we launched our new one, our NIKKI. And so NIKKI is, it was actually, I helped build this almost for most of last year. And so I used to bring like, I’d bring them home because we were doing, basically we’re double checking for quality insurance and we know what our customers want and we’re not gonna accept anything less. Like if, you know, so we put them through the ringer and I would leave them, I’d always have 12 in my backpack and I’d be running the programs, testing the programs and like putting them through their paces. And so when we started selling them, it was very emotional for me. Cause it was like, oh, my little babies are like going out into the world when they’ve been my constant.

Heather Gray: I totally see that of you. I can totally see that. You can never be a foster parent. You’re like, we’re all babies and puppies. Stay with us.

Miriam Cloutier: me. Oh, and it was you were just I was so it was so proud because I remember like, my first month of working here. I remember Stephen, Stephen had had a prototype on and he came into my office and he’s like, Miriam, you’re new here, but this is the future of our company. And it was so to see it from a glimpse to full fruition was so amazing. And so Nikki is our newest technology. And we have Nikki wellness, which has frequency wellness frequency bundles. And then we also have Nikki plus Lyme, which we are launching this fall. And we are so excited to launch Nikki plus nine. And what’s really great about the NIKKI, whether you have the NIKKI wellness or the NIKKI plus Lyme is the ease of use, you activate it with our NIKKI connect app with your mobile device, whether it’s a Android, an iPhone, a tablet, as long as it has connectivity, you can update a NIKKI. So then now those that those people that couldn’t use the Wave 1 program because they didn’t have the technology to run it, there’s now an option for people to try our Lyme program if they’ve never used it, as well as, you know, you don’t have if you want to change a program, you’re not plugging into a computer, the programs load right onto your, your NIKKI, you can swipe over and you can pick from, I think it is 14 programs, including the Lyme program, if you have the NIKKI plus Lyme, and you can play them right from your NIKKI. And so I love, I love having the NIKKI because in the morning, you wake up, you need a little bit of energy. And if you don’t like caffeine, I’ll put the energy on, then, you know, sometimes work can be stressful. I’m hitting the stress and anxiety.

Miriam Cloutier: Go back to the afternoon, three o’clock slump, I’m hitting the energy.

Miriam Cloutier: And then for sleep, the sleep programs, we have insomnia. So when you wake up and can’t get back to sleep, hit the insomnia. We have our nighttime light. It’s a slow introduction to our comprehensive nighttime program. There’s so many to choose from. There’s really like, as Nicole likes to say, we have a frequency for that. So what you’re going through in your daily basis, we have a frequency for that. And so we’ve tried to make it, we’ve took customer’s feedback. We took, Hey, I don’t want to plug into my computer every time I want to switch my program. Okay. No problem. Let’s make a note of that. So when we built Nikki, we thought it needs to be easy. It needs to be uncomplicated. It needs to be anyone with lion brain is going to have no problem figuring this out because lion brain’s real. Like it is really real. We all know that. And it was, how can we make it simple? How can we make it accessible? How can we make it affordable? And that is so NIKKI Plus Lyme. She’s coming.

Miriam Cloutier: And we are really excited for people to try the NIKKI Plus Lyme. And then NIKKI Wellness is out now. And so two different apps, two different functionalities, but they are both amazing.

Heather Gray: Absolutely incredible. I highly, highly agree. And I just love, love, love, like some of the newer stuff that we keep coming out with, like we came up with new frequency bundles, where you can get, you know, a few different things all at once, because, yeah, I, Stephen, our founder was talking about how he was wearing, you know, three or four NIKKIs to get energy to get back to bacteria to get things. And then now, now he doesn’t have to wear three of them at the same time, he can just put in a new program. So tell us a little bit about the NIKKI Connect.

Miriam Cloutier: So NIKKI Connect is the app that we had built for the NIKKI. So the NIKKI Connect, whether you have the NIKKI Wellness or the NIKKI Plus Lyme, you will use the app to activate your NIKKI. So when you purchase your NIKKI device, you will get an email with an activation code. They get sent to you new, out of the box, and you need to activate it. So your NIKKI arrives and you’re going to connect to the NIKKI Connect app. We have some prompts on the app that will tell you to click here to connect, turn on your connectivity, and then it just follows the steps. So your NIKKI will update, and then it will ask you to activate. And then that’s where you’re going to put in your activation code that we send you. And the activation codes are unique, and they will contain the programs that you have purchased. So if you have purchased our Platinum suite of frequencies, that’s what you will ñ the activation code will load all those. So then now a lot of people are like, well, what if I want both? I want the Platinum, plus I want NIKKI Plus Lyme. No problem. We’ll just give you an activation code for your Platinum program as well as the NIKKI Plus Lyme program that you purchased. And there is the ability to update your NIKKI as well as activate more frequencies. So as we progress and build new packages, we just released an afternoon ñ or a morning package, an afternoon, an evening, and nighttime light, and those have been very popular. But it was as simple as us going in and updating a package and then you connecting to your app, and then you have those programs on right away. And so you can connect to the app anytime you want, whether you want to update your device if we released a new program, or in the future if we release frequency sets for purchase, we would just activate them with an activation code. It doesn’t take more than five minutes, and it works with any mobile technology that has connectivity. So very simple. If you have questions about troubleshooting or frequently asked questions, we do have that on our website under support, and we have quite a few. So when we launched NIKKI, I broke as many as I could to find any problem that a customer is going to have while they update. Because mistakes happen. We can disconnect on accident, and then it shows there’s something wrong with your NIKKI. But it’s not. We just reconnect back to that app, get them talking to each other, get them updating, and away you go. But because the technology for NIKKI Connect is so different from what our customers are used to with the Wave 1, then there’s that little bit of education component where we need to say, hey, we’re going away from the Wave 1 and our computers, and we’re going to go to the mobile. And so we can always help people that get really stuck. We’re really good at troubleshooting, but it’s a much easier use program. One of the big things, too, is with the Wave 1 and with the NIKKI, with the Wave 1, and Heather, you’ve probably run into this, too, is people can be very sensitive to the programs.

Miriam Cloutier: And what we have done is we took, the Wave 1 had several lights and people would have a hard time working up, being able to tolerate the Wave 1 program. So when we went to NIKKI, we have one light on the back and it’s so much more tolerable for people that have sensitivities that more people are able to wear it and experience the Lyme frequency support program because it’s slower and it’s not as, the lights are not as bright and we’ve gone from two to one. And that’s a big feature for a lot of people that might’ve tried the Wave 1 in the past, found it difficult, and then would like to still try again and go a little bit slower. So yeah.

Heather Gray: Absolutely. One of the big questions that we get is how long does it take to charge them typically?

Miriam Cloutier: Oh, the NIKKI is like done, but it is. So when you first get your NIKKI, I usually recommend to give it a good charge of a good four, four plus hours. Um, but usually like when I’ll come into work, like I’ll put it on and it’s usually at a full charge after about two hours. And then that usually depends on how long you wear it. So if you’re wearing it and you’re turning the programs, like you’re running it 24, seven, you’re obviously gonna have to charge it more than somebody who’s like, I’m just going to wear it for sleep, or I’m just going to wear it in the morning, or I’m just going to wear it for my Lyme program, which is a 90 minute program. So then you’re not going to have to charge it.

Miriam Cloutier: know, for several days. But if you wear it a lot, you will have to charge it every like, you know, two to three days. If you don’t wear it a lot, then maybe every five days. But it’s a quick charge device, which is what a lot of people like.

Heather Gray: Well, it’s something I forgot to bring up, but during that last little bit that you were talking about, like when you update your NIKKI, or you get a new frequency bundle, that’s about the only time you need to turn the Bluetooth on. And that’s one of the beautiful features of our device there is the fact that you can turn it off. And I’ve actually had a couple of clients that I’ve sold these to, that didn’t realize that you could do that. And I was like, oh, it’s like one of the best selling to this product is that we’re not using EMFs that we don’t need. Yes.

Miriam Cloutier: Yeah, turning that connectivity off is a game changer for a lot of people, when we were testing the technology, there was, there was a group of five people that we sent all the info, like sent the technology over, they all had Lyme. And they’re like, Oh, I can’t turn off the connectivity. And it was like, okay, this is five people. But what if you’re in a group of 1000 if five people feel this way, and as we educate ourselves, more and more people are concerned about that. And so we then went back changed the app, got that turned off. And now it is probably the most popular feature that we have. You’re also putting that control into people’s hands to write like, you know, there’s so much that happens that we have no control over. And this is another thing that is like, you know what, you can decide what you want to do, whether you want that or not want that. And we give we have that choice for people.

Heather Gray: Absolutely. And so I’m getting a question here. How long does the NIKKI Plus Lyme last?

Miriam Cloutier: NIKKI Plus Lyme, so our Lyme program is something that once you’ve purchased it, you will have access to it. So it’s almost a twofold question. The NIKKI Plus Lyme, once you have it, you have it. There’s no extra fees for it. There’s no subscription. Same with our Platinum programs. There’s no subscription for it. If we add extra programs, then there could be a minimal charge for that. But then you have that, you have access to that program. And so NIKKI Plus Lyme, it’s a one-time cost and you will have that. And then one of the really awesome benefits we have for NIKKI Plus Lyme is once you purchase NIKKI Plus Lyme, 45 days later, we’re gonna give you an activation code and you’re gonna be able to download the Platinum suite of frequencies, which means you’re gonna get your NIKKI Plus Lyme plus the allergies, plus the energy, plus the immune, plus the viruses, plus insomnia. All of those that are available in the Platinum suite of frequencies after 45 days, which means we’re hoping that you’ve gone through the whole Lyme program. You’re ready to experience other frequency programs. Then you’re away to the races and you might be running if you’re wearing that energy boost.

Miriam Cloutier: Absolutely.

Heather Gray: So we’re getting kind of to the end here, can you think of anything else, any little other nuggets that you want to drop on our listeners?

Miriam Cloutier: I think, you know, not nuggets, but one of the things is if you purchased a NIKKI or a NIKKI Plus Lyme device, and if you don’t receive an email with your activation code, check your junk, check your set, like, so that is the biggest thing that we sometimes have is because it’s an activation code, sometimes it gets filtered. So have a look in your spam folders, have a look in your junk folders, and also don’t feel that we’re not here to help you. We are, our team has been trained really, really well on the app, we’ve gone through every scenario that customers haven’t even hit yet. So we can help you with this technology, because not everybody is tech savvy. But we’re here to help you walk you through that if you’re not tech savvy. So don’t be, don’t be afraid to ask, we’re here to help. We want you to feel better. We want you to love the NIKKI, we want you to love the NIKKI Plus Lyme. So you can come on our podcast, like, it’s, we’re here to help and we’re here to help troubleshoot if we need it, if you need it, and just we’re available. So we are available Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time. And if you need to reach the customer service for a question or troubleshooting, just send an email at hello at

Heather Gray: Absolutely. Miss Miriam, thank you so much for all the wonderful things that you brought up today. Everybody else, make sure that you visit forward slash podcast and enter in the code bio beats for an extra 10% off your NIKKI. And because we love our customers so much and we want to show our appreciation, we give away a free NIKKI on each and every episode. So make sure to head over to the show notes to learn how to enter for that. And, you know, if you found anything, you know, beneficial to this, make sure that you like share and subscribe to this podcast as well, because that’s how we really change lives is by spreading this information and sharing it. So don’t don’t keep us a secret and make sure that you’re sharing the information like subscribe and stay tuned. Make sure to have a healthy day.

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