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Episode 9: Beata Jirava

Travelling the many roads to wellness

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Show Notes:

As an international, multi-discipline athlete, Beata became focused on improving performance to shorten the path to the podium. Her learning led to the realization that the key to optimized wellness lies beyond the gym and diet within the network of trillions of cells that make up the human body. Beata’s company, Biomune Integrated Wellness, has earned a global reputation for leadership in wellness innovation including frequency-focused solutions.

Beata’s company reflects her multi-discipline approach, with a vast and growing array of diagnostic methods and innovative therapies. Her clients and the global community of organizations she works with engage issues ranging from mental illness to PTSD and long-covid recovery. In her Bioenergetics Beat podcast interview, she touches on wellness solutions including salt therapy, medical cannabis, the brain-gut connection, the role of quality sleep in overall well-being and analysis of childhood trauma. Beata cites NIKKI and frequency technology as highly effective around-the-clock support for her unique blend of eastern and western approaches to overcoming issues and improving wellness.


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As an international, multi-discipline athlete, Beata became focused on improving performance to shorten the path to the podium. Her learning led to the realization that the key to optimized wellness lies beyond the gym and diet within the network of trillions of cells that make up the human body. Beata’s company, Biomune Integrated Wellness, has earned a global reputation for leadership in wellness innovation including frequency-focused solutions.

Beata’s company reflects her multi-discipline approach, with a vast and growing array of diagnostic methods and innovative therapies. Her clients and the global community of organizations she works with engage issues ranging from mental illness to PTSD and long-COVID recovery. In her Bioenergetics Beat podcast interview, she touches on wellness solutions including salt therapy, medical cannabis, the brain-gut connection, the role of quality sleep in overall well-being and analysis of childhood trauma. Beata cites NIKKI and frequency technology as highly effective around-the-clock support for her unique blend of eastern and western approaches to overcoming issues and improving wellness.

Heather Gray: Hello everybody. Welcome again. Thank you for joining me. I’m Heather Gray and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and certified bioenergetic practitioner. Today’s episode of bioenergetics beats is brought to you by NIKKI unleash the wellness within it’s a non-invasive highly affordable and highly effective approach to optimize wellness. It’s a wearable device that puts frequency better based life in your hands and on your wrist. It’s a little bit of a tongue twister. Anywho, we’ve got a really awesome special guest today. Who’s got some, I love toys and she’s not like toys that we play with, but like healing toys tools that are absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to dive in deeper with Beata Jirava. She is the founder of Biomune Integrative Wellness center in Canada and let’s everybody give a warm welcome. Yeah, absolutely. I found that most folks who are in this alternative wellness space are here for a reason, right? There’s usually a story that got us going in this direction. I would love for you to dive a little deeper into your backstory and what made you decide to open up a wellness center of this sorts and, and, and why you do what you do.

Beata Jirava: Sure, well thank you for very lovely welcome. I would love to share the journey that kind of got me where I am today. My background, I’m European, I was, I used to be a professional athlete, so I competed a lot, so that kind of drove me to a little bit of more healthier lifestyle, certain, the drive for the life, you know, respect of the discipline. When I moved to Canada, I’ve obviously, you know, journey starts, you have children, and then you have certain businesses. I got my degree in business as entrepreneur leadership, have owners, I’m owner also of engineering company, did few of the startups, but when the pandemic started, and the world was saying there is no solution for respiratory, I was just saying, I’m not sure if I’m okay with that answer. So, and I kind of digged furthermore, and I was aware of many respiratory support wellness, either products or therapies, especially in Europe, we have many in Slovakia, let alone we have over 1000 natural caves. So when the doctors were sending asthmatic clients or respiratory clients issues, they would send them to mountains to caves.

Beata Jirava: So I started to look for some of the solutions such as soul treatments, so soul caves. So I found a few in British Columbia. There’s about three or four of them. I approached them during the pandemic. When the pandemic started in March, by the time it was the fall, we were really hit hard. None of us could go out. We were all kind of in our own homes. You couldn’t even go and see your neighbors if you remember those times. And at that time, I wanted to get better and have stronger lungs. The person that owned, at that point, that wellness center, she just was shutting down. She was going in full bankruptcy, as many small businesses did.

Beata Jirava: And I says, well, that’s not okay. You’ve got to have, you have to be open. You have to be available for these treatments for people. And she simply, her answer was, well, then you have to buy it.

Beata Jirava: So that kind of gave me two weeks of making decision. And I said, I don’t really have a choice. So at least we’ll have it available for me and my family and my friends. So I acquired the wellness center and it was simply a salt cave therapy. And first two months, what I mainly did is I just gave it for free. I gave it to everyone and anyone because people were telling me, well, you’re kind of crazy. You’re doing this during pandemic. No one will even show up, but they were wrong.

Beata Jirava: People were coming left and right. They were getting better. And suddenly within a short period of time, I had over 200 clients.

Beata Jirava: And I said, oh my gosh, I’ve got to start hiring people. And the journey kind of grew from that point. We started to do PEMF therapy in salt caves, and we continued doing the salt treatment, which is the active bristle therapy for any and all respiratory issues. So we’ve worked like this in that particular location for about a year and a half. And later on, I sold that clinic, and I built a larger clinic. And that was designed for more of a quantum practitioning. And so.

Beata Jirava: so we can have more therapies and treatments within the same building parameter. And today we have about 25 therapies and we have about nine practitioners. And most favorite ones are for mental health support, a lot of pains and aches. We are dealing with a lot of sleep issues. We do anything from DNA testing, live blood, IV drips. We have IV lounge as well. We have a salt cave in there. We do lymphatic drainage. We used to do rheodology as well, food reflexology, weight management, nutritionals, and many more. So that’s kind of led us to be where we are today. And we of course kept doing our frequency therapies, which I’m extremely fond of. And that’s how we bonded together with your company is because I’m doing, in our clinic we are practicing pulse electromagnetic frequency therapies, sound frequency, water frequency, and light frequency.

Heather Gray: Incredible. I just, oh my gosh, somebody without a medical background, stepping up like this to save a center right during the pandemic. That is just so incredible. And then everything that you’ve been able to do with it ever since then, like I, my face hurts from smiling so much through listening to your whole story. That’s just incredible. You said you were a professional athlete. What kind of an athlete were you? What were you into?

Beata Jirava: I used to be a swimmer for many years, I was a butterflyer, breaststroker, and later on I changed to be in track and field, got more into specific technical sports. I was throwing javelin.

Heather Gray: Oh, nice. I can see you with that, that’d be awesome.

Beata Jirava: Yeah, but I did a lot of many other sports. Sports is something that I find a passion and it just gets me the stress release and I find that it just gets you further in life.

Heather Gray: I just rejoined a gym again after four years away and I’ve been doing the group classes and I can’t even, I can’t even get over how awesome I feel when I leave each class. I walk in murderous and I walk out with like a big old grin on my face wanting to hug everybody. So yeah, exercise and movement is absolutely crucial for mental health. And that’s the part we’re going to talk about more as we get into the second half of this. So stay tuned. We’re getting ready to head to a commercial. We’re going to talk more about, you know, the different therapies and ways that she uses to help with mental illness. And we’re going to cut to a commercial and show you how we deal with mental health issues. So stay tuned. We’ll be right back.

Heather Gray: Welcome back, everybody. Boy, if you missed the first segment, you missed a lot. This woman is absolutely incredible. And what she was doing for people back during the pandemic, I mean, she deserves some sort of an award or medal or sainthood, something. I feel like I want to knight you. Like, that’s just incredible of us. And people need this right now. And I’m going to step in and do this.

Heather Gray: So let’s talk a little deeper into some of the ways, some of the different, because you said you have 25 different therapies, nine different practitioners, like I want to see your space as soon as my passport gets here and I get up to Canada, I want to see your space.

Beata Jirava: Absolutely, absolutely. You’re very welcome to stay for a retreat for like half a day or day a retreat and the doors are always open. Yes. Thank you very much. We were saying about the mental health support. So just another thing that would happen in during this pandemic time.

Beata Jirava: I would always say that I’m unstoppable. Just because when we found a solution for respiratory, we started to be participating in sitting on, I’m sitting on multiple councils around the world, Global Wellness Institute Council. And that’s where actually that helped me to be, I think as of now, maybe I’m wrong, but it looks that says it is, I’m only Canadian woman participating on a pilot project for a post COVID recovery with US and UK. And we’ve shown and proven the results and the significance improvement in respiratory. We also work World Health Council, COVID Alliance, also for Surrey, which is in British Columbia on a wellness and technology department working with PhD doctors, scientists, quantum practitioners, applied biophysicists. So, and we are starting to bring a new treatments to Canada, such as my cell technology. We working with five labs in Europe and 27 medical PhD scientists over there as well. So there’s a lot going on guys in the world. And a lot of people will be getting different ways of approaching recovery, optimization and wellness for longevity.

Heather Gray: That’s beautiful. You know, and we’re getting ready to jump more, you know, deeper into the mental health space. And it’s always been a near and dear topic to my heart. You know, my uncle committed suicide when I was four. I had several suicide attempts when I was younger because of undiagnosed Lyme disease for as long as I had it. I love the fact that you do the live blood analysis there as well, because live blood analysis helped me get diagnosed with Lyme disease when all the other testing kind of failed. That was actually something I wanted to put into my practice for many, many years. I used to have a picture of a microscope on my vision board for the longest time. Like, I really wanted to learn how to do live blood. So I just think that’s amazing. But there’s just not enough people still talking about, you know, alternative practices to help with mental illness. And thank God there was a few really big studies that just came out showing that typical, you know, SRIs and antidepressants, it’s not solving the problem, which a lot of us already knew, you know, but now finally the science is catching up. It’s not necessarily a neurotransmitter deficiency. A lot of times it’s brain inflammation, it’s toxins, it’s viruses and bacteria, like so many different things contribute, right, to this mental health stuff. So what kind of tools do you folks have in your toolbox and what kind of results have you seen?

Beata Jirava: Um, we, first of all, when people do come to us and we started to work with veterans and first responders, we’ve also signed a contract, uh, with Calgary police right now, uh, 3000 police officers are working with us through Tantus Health Corps, which is the federally licensed medical cannabis. And now it’s going to be also my cell lines, which is the full absorption of medical cannabis to a stream and to your system, which is almost unheard of. Um, so the way we do is usually do, um, we have them to either do zoom calls with us or they come in person depends of the type of a person, how they want to approach us, um, they would be able to do diagnosis. So, um, we would have a consultation with a quantum practitioner. She also has a mental health support, um, crisis, uh, certification. She has a PhD and MD as well. And, um, so she would sit down, she would talk to the given person. We would also often do a live blood analysis. If that will allow us, we’ll do certain scanning. We have medical devices, um, that we scan for antioxidant testing, just give a people certain level of, of either warnings, or there might be some anomalies, and then we’ll go as far as, uh, bioenergetic scan, um, which is DNA, almost at a level of DNA testing. We also do DNA testing in our, in our clinic. And, um, the reason we would be doing it is because we want to see the costs. We want to see the health of your metabolic functionality, digestive track, absorption rate, neurological system, um, or organs, uh, compatibility, uh, what you can absorb, what you can digest, what you cannot, what are your predisposition for, um, perhaps in the future, how can it be avoided and as far as your childhood trauma, this, uh, bioenergetics scan is fantastic tool, uh, telling us what actually is going in the background of your childhood and what.

Heather Gray: Pardon me? Which scanner do you use? Quest 4. Oh.

Beata Jirava: Okay, cool. Yeah, and the Quest 4 has been trained, we’ve been trained by Dr. Alfonso Monzo from Ohio. He introduced us to this therapy and treatment and also diagnostic measurements.

Heather Gray: Very cool, very cool, so keep going, I didn’t mean to interrupt, I just wanted to know what cool toys you were playing with.

Beata Jirava: I didn’t know what cool toys you were playing with. Yeah. So we will be doing that, and then we’ll be given certain nutrients so we can start to feed the gut, because this is your second brain. So if this functions right, this will function right. We also give them pulse electromagnetic frequency, which is the PEMF treatment, which we use, and we actually stabilize and optimize people on more of a cellular level. So when people finish the treatment, they actually fall asleep. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, lunch, dinner. They fall asleep during the treatment. And we help them with sleep, because many of them, the reason they are struggling is because of sleep issues.

Beata Jirava: So we are helping them to get their sleep back, especially when people have like nurses and doctors and paramedics. They whole ecosystem and the day shifts and night shifts just misbalance them, right? So we work on that. And if somebody needs more of the CBD, THC, we help them with that as well.

Beata Jirava: And then we do lymphatic drainage, we do light therapies for them, and we put them on our medical water for detoxification. The water we get is from Japan and it’s FDA approved, Canadian health authority approved. And so we are trying to use all the…

Beata Jirava: medical devices and treatments that are available in combination.

Heather Gray: I’m just, I’m still, I’m like, I wanna come work for you.

Heather Gray: You’re just doing all the cool things. So as an FDN, we talk about the Just for Success model and it’s diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, supplementation. And it’s great to hear that you’re just not focused on.

Heather Gray: like, you know, just the treatment of it, but you’re more looking at a holistic view of what’s not working and why and detoxing and getting people to sleep because that, you know, again, you could have the best diet in the whole wide world, but if you’re not sleeping at night, right, it’s, you’re not going to get that much better. Like sleep is crucial. And I love the fact that you’re just hitting all those beautiful foundational points for optimal wellness.

Beata Jirava: right? That’s right. And a lot of all the time is also a pain. Many of them are suffering from major pains and just they don’t know the cause of it. People have lately tinnitus like they can’t buzzing sounds and, and they can’t, it’s just just bothering them whole day long. So you just have to find a way and utilize. The number one is to listen to people. Listen, there’s a reason why we have two ears and one mouth is just use it. People want to be heard people want to spend the time lately when we go to a doctor clinic, they’re not even there. Everybody’s doing zoom calls.

Beata Jirava: And people miss that. People miss that one-on-one connection. So do we wanna have more treatments? Do we wanna have more practitioners? Absolutely. There’s so many great devices such as energy enhancement system or hyperbaric chamber or many other therapies that, and if we don’t have in our clinic, we will forward the support and the services to others. That’s just the way we work.

Heather Gray: That’s incredible. So how long has your, well since 2020 then, huh? You guys have been open? That is correct, yes. And since then you’ve built it up to 25 therapies, nine different practitioners. That’s just, and you said you don’t have a medical background. I’m still just blown away at the way that you’re talking right now. You feel like a colleague that I just graduated with. Like, it’s incredible.

Beata Jirava: I listen, I listen from them, they discuss lots of things, you learn lots of things. And I also know Open Research and Development Company recently as well, and I’m writing a book as well. When do you have time? You just find a time. I think we just not, if you discipline enough and leverage during the day, we do still have a 24 hours.

Heather Gray: Oh my gosh, you’re incredible. You’re stunning. You’ve got a beautiful accent. You’re ridiculously smart. We’ve already found out that you’ve got a heart of gold as you were giving away these treatments to people for free during the pandemic. Like, total package.

Heather Gray: So tell us a little bit about the NIKKI I was told that you absolutely love the NIKKI so what’s what’s some of your favorite um yeah yeah yeah right.

Beata Jirava: Well, I when I got to know, well, actually, we’ve been introduced with the CEO for a while, we just never had opportunity to connect. Because when you’re busy, sometimes it just takes you it’s just fast, right. And sometimes just, just cannot go off all the time. And so I’ve heard about the pulse for the the light frequency devices. And I’m and I’m using you know, clinic, but not in the form of wearable device.

Beata Jirava: we are having EMR and MFR protection that you can wear and protect your body from a high frequency exposure. Matter of fact, I’ve worked with those devices for many, many years, and especially my background is relevant for more. I was working with special devices that are protecting border around Europe, which is a Schengen border. And again, that was based on a frequency devices as well. But when I found out about wearable device and it’s actually work, you really caught my attention because what we can do in our clinic is, we can assess client based on what we have within our means and we’ll have that diagnostics. Then you have a client wearing your device for any elements that is available within the treatment. So it can be anything from stress, pains and aches, virus and bacteria. You have many other ones that I actually really like is this is particular one, allergies, which is a big deal in our clinic as well, bronchitis, so that’s fantastic. Immunity.

Heather Gray: Right. Yeah. It goes right into your respiratory clinic. I love telling the story of my ex-husband sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, sneeze. I will slap the Nicki on him, hit allergies. And every single time, every single time he stopped sneezing, it wasn’t just like a one-off. And that’s the sad part that I found with a lot of some of the frequency-based stuff out there, that it’ll work like really well in the beginning. And then it seems to like not have an effect at all, or it’s really great diagnostically, but it doesn’t really move the needle into where this is not diagnostic in any way, shape or form. But it’s amazing how gently, but powerfully it moves the needle. It does the job.

Beata Jirava: Well, it seems to be enhancing your body equilibrium in this respect that only it’s going to give you what your body needs. It will never give you something when your body doesn’t need and it is not natural. That’s what I love about the device. And we don’t need to be measured and tracked all the time. That’s just my simply private opinion. And I love the fact that he’s just adding to it. So that’s just when I’m looking at the bottom and back of the device and it’s giving that flickering, that’s pulsing frequency, the light frequency, it’s exactly the same principle how electromagnetic frequency that we already using in our clinic is working. I’m a huge believer because we have a great results. We have a wonderful efficacy in a clinic. We have over three, three to 400 reviews of each of five star reviews. And people were saying my literally people would have open open wounds, the whole arm open wound, it would heal within a week, we would have people when they had broken bones very quickly, they were able to sleep within the month, the diabetes, like, that’s why I believe this, this is going to just enhance the practice that we do is because now people can, when they travel and they have no access to a clinic, they can take it with them. So so it’s and we can compare the data, we can do before and after and you’ll show it to a client because every client likes to see, OK, this is this is how I was before. This is how I’m today. Oh, yeah, I got better because the moment people feel better, they don’t even realize that actually they got better because of something they’ve done, because they suddenly feel I’m good.

Heather Gray: Thank you.

Heather Gray: That’s what’s great about intake forms. I’ve had so many clients that are like, I’ve worked with you for six months now and I’m still the same. And then I show them their intake forms that they filled out three different times over that six months and go, look at how much you improved on this thing. Don’t tell me you’ve had no improvements in the past six months. You just don’t remember because you feel so much better now, right? We forget how crap we felt in the beginning because you don’t wanna remember that, right?

Beata Jirava: Yeah, and also look, even the brain fog, we are dealing with a lot of the brain fog. The moment you start knowing that your body is adjusting to the right frequency, you have it’s four signs in our clinic that we know and that’s what we measure it and we compare it all the time is how we compare always performance and energy. When the energy starts improving, the pains and aches are going down, your cognitiveness and the brain fog is, cognitive is up, brain fog is down, and suddenly, and we measure that, all of it. So when you show it to a client, say, look where you were, exactly in the same premises that you were here, look where you are today, it’s like, oh, yeah, because I can remember more, I can comprehend more, my EQ and IQ got better. So it’s thanks to devices like NIKKI and it’s thanks to devices like we have, the frequency devices, because it’s one of the top, when you look at the world and we talked about it about frequencies, what are the four strongest forces on a planet Earth? We have gravity.

Beata Jirava: We have frequency, right?

Beata Jirava: we have a nuclear force and then we have the low force.

Beata Jirava: It’s actually called the weak force. That’s the correct way of saying it.

Heather Gray: Gotcha. I’ve not heard that. I’m going to look more into that.

Heather Gray: Yeah, um, yeah, 110%. I love when I got to travel this, you know, a couple, about a month ago to Florida and I crossed a couple of time zones, right, being able to use that travel feature and, and mitigate EMS and radiation, but also to kind of help my body, you know, uh, regulate to the new time zone and was able to enjoy more of my vacation because I wasn’t jet lagged or having issues, you know, so many different ways that I found to use this thing that, yeah, I’m, I’m just in love. Obviously, uh, and I’m now a podcast host for them. Like I had my own company. I was my own practitioner. I had my own podcast and I had Steven on my podcast. And at the end, I was like, I don’t know if you’ve got a spot for me, but I need to work for you. Like, I love what you’re doing with this world and I have to be a part of it. And he’s like, I feel the same way about you and here we are. So what part of Canada are you in? Are you guys close?

Beata Jirava: We are in British Columbia in Surrey located. We are close to White Rock, Langley, about 40 minutes away from Vancouver center. So access to us is not that difficult. And yeah, we work with a lot of practitioners all over. So we work also with ER, we work with children hospital. We started to be working with paramedics right now. So just, you’ve got to push the force of voice. That’s what it is. And the moment when people will start getting better, you know, that’s just people will start changing, right? And you’re not saying a disregarding the pharmaceutical industry, not disregarding. That’s why quantum is very important because we are putting the Eastern and Western medicine together. And it should be validated because it’s a soul healing. It’s energy healing, it’s a body, it’s physical, but also mental. And it’s being often forgotten.

Heather Gray: Absolutely. And so many functional practitioners want to talk about the root cause, but they don’t realize that the root cause is really the bioenergetic field. You know, when things are out in the bioenergetic field, it’s going to change how your body takes and utilizes supplements, takes and utilizes, you know, food, you know, so many different things that if the bioenergetic field is off, that the physical part is not going to work as well. So really this is the root cause, right, of a lot of things is addressing that bioenergetic field.

Heather Gray: Absolutely, I fully agree.

Heather Gray: Here at NIKKI we really love our customers and to show our appreciation we’re giving away a device every single podcast episode. So make sure you go check out the show notes on how to enter. Stay tuned.

Heather Gray: Oh my gosh. So do you have any lasting things that you want to drop some more knowledge on? It’s like, I still can’t believe all the amazing things that you’re up to.

Beata Jirava: So I would just say to people is don’t forget that there are a lot of modalities in the world. Be open to them and do your own judgment, not necessarily always go for what you think and grandpa told you, grandma told you, neighbor told you. Be brave, look into the other options and figure it out sometimes on your own because it’s not just people are not telling you this and our clinic is not saying it because we think so.

Beata Jirava: The reason we have 25 therapies today and we actually significantly grow since pandemic when a lot of the corporation were shut down or were not even open, we haven’t closed a day since pandemic started. So, because it works. People are telling us and coming and saying, thank you for helping me. I no longer have this, I no longer have that. So if we can enhance it with something that’s wearable, affordable, and people can take it, people love to travel. So come to a biointegrity wellness, we can do some diagnostics, we can do some testing.

Beata Jirava: We can give you leverage of the knowledge that we have within our team and if there is anything that we can help you with, we just want you to know we are listening, we are there for you.

Heather Gray: That’s incredible. Thank you so much for your time today. Everybody else. If you love this podcast, make sure to like share and subscribe, right? That’s how this alternative information gets out there. That’s how we, you know, give hope to others is by sharing this type of platform. Also make sure if you want to look more into the NIKKI, you go to weareNIKKI.com backslash podcast and put in bio beats. That’s B I O B E A T S bio beats for 10% off your NIKKI and get started on your journey today. Thank you again, and make sure to have a healthy day. Thank you.

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Is Biomune Integrated Wellness related to Ceva Biomune?

No, Biomune Integrated Wellness and Ceva Biomune are separate companies. Biomune Integrated Wellness focuses on a multi-discipline approach to optimize cellular wellness for athletes and other individuals.

In the process of wellness innovation, how does Biomune ensure the security and privacy of her clients’ information?

In her Bioenergetics Beat podcast interview, Beata discusses the importance of security in client interactions, especially when dealing with sensitive health data. She emphasizes robust security measures, both in the digital realm, like secure browser settings, and through company policies to protect personal information.

Can you describe how Beata’s approach to wellness is influenced by her background as an athlete?

Beata’s history as an international, multi-discipline athlete profoundly influences her wellness strategies. She integrates lessons learned from the athletic world, including the importance of discipline and process in achieving peak performance and recovery, into her therapeutic approaches.

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To stay updated with Beata Jirava’s insights and Biomune Integrated Wellness’s latest innovations, people can follow her on social media platforms like Facebook at her page.

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