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The Healing Grove

Stephen Davis discusses frequencies and Lyme

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Show Notes:

FREmedica CEO joins Healing Grove Host Kristin Reihman, MD to share his struggle helping his daughter and two grandchildren recover from Lyme disease. He describes how after little success with traditional medicine, he began his own search, which ultimately led him to frequency science. He discovered the connection between good health and the fact that the cells in our bodies communicate through frequencies. 

By following the path to recovery he discovered, Stephen’s daughter and her children have now been symptom-free for over five years. Today, FREmedica is helping Lyme sufferers around the world find relief through the FREmedica Lyme Frequency Support Program. Stephen is grateful for the opportunity to share his story, especially with those struggling with Lyme disease. FREmedica frequency delivery technology optimizes the body’s ability to heal itself. The wearable FREmedica NIKKI in combination with Lyme-specific frequency sets is designed to restore cell communication disrupted by the disease; enabling the immune system to target symptoms and clear the way to better health. 

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