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NIKKI Testimonials


Join Jenny, Cam, Zac and Grayce in describing how NIKKI is overcoming issues and opening up opportunities. Add your voice to the growing community of NIKKI owners who are experiencing improved wellness and better performance thanks to bioenergetics and NIKKI frequency technology.

I saw NIKKI’s Facebook post and began to research and learn more about it. I started wearing NIKKI the day it arrived and immediately found a great sense of pain relief. I remember the first night when running NIKKI Night-Time….OY! I felt a tremendous amount of peace within my body. So relaxed.

– Anonymous

I have chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, and allergies. My NIKKI has helped address these issues. Wearing consistency increases the benefits. I’ve noticed in the beginning it took an hour or so to drift to sleep, but now that time is shorter. effectiveness. The difference is amazing.

– Patricia C.

A friend let me wear his NIKKI shortly after an accident. I instantly noticed I was able to sleep through the night when using the Pain frequency on the NIKKI. I was hooked and purchased two more for my family. I wear mine daily and love the Stress & Anxiety, Night- Time, and Insomnia frequency sets

– Gabriela A.

NIKKI has been the only solution for my chronic cough. I couldn’t be happier!

– Stasi E.

love just chillin’ in the evenings with NIKKI’s Night-Time running and when I switch to Sleep, I yawn every time within the first minute. I quickly fall into a deep sleep.

– Anonymous

I couldn’t be happier. And my short-term memory is way better.

– Anonymous

I have been using the NIKKI for approximately two months. I have experienced more restful sleep, less stress, and felt a significant improvement in overall health and wellness. I’m employed at a public elementary school where a plethora of germs are omnipresent. It is truly remarkable that I’ve remained healthy despite everyone around me having various communicable ailments. I appreciate NIKKI’s Travel, and Viruses + Bacteria frequency sets. They are both extremely beneficial to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Anonymous

I wake up, I start running the Stress & Anxiety frequency on my NIKKI to prevent my mind from starting to worry. It works perfectly. The Allergy frequency set goes on next. I am now down to one Kleenex in the morning instead of a whole box

– Anonymous

I am a school volunteer with my certified therapy dog and continue to wear NIKKI daily for my own advantage. NIKKI’s Pain frequency has done wonders for my ongoing arthritis and before I go to school I run the Viruses + Bacteria frequency. All the kids have been sick since the holidays but knock on wood….not me!!

– Anonymous

My family reports being able to sleep soundly for the first time in years. I’m so glad the NIKKI bioenergetic wearable was introduced. I will purchase more as presents for the rest of my family and friends. The BEST gift you could ever give.

– Gabriela A.

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