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Aly’s Story


TURNING POINT MOMENT: I noticed the change almost immediately.

My Life With Lyme

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease 8 years ago by my Acupuncturist, who I had been seeing from the start. My list of ailments ranged from extreme fatigue, muscle aches, burning skin rashes on my chest that left a scar, pain in every joint of my body, multiple flu’s and low-grade fevers for weeks at a time, brain fog, memory loss, etc. Treatment with my acupuncturist worked, although this was slow and expensive.

Started Using WAVE 1

January, 2022

My WAVE 1 Experience

From the first day of receiving WAVE 1, I have used it consistently every day. I am able to set my device at full-strength, wear day and night for several hours to relieve Stress and Anxiety. The Detox and Lyme Complete sessions work wonderfully well!

The Turning Point

I immediately experienced increased energy and improved well-being. I definitely felt a quicker process of healing from my Lyme symptoms with WAVE 1.

How I Found FREmedica™

Thanks to a family member, my brother Joe, referred me to this amazing technology!

My Message To Others

Buy it now. If you have to put it on your line of credit, a credit card, or even borrow money, whatever it takes, because it will give you new life! I continue with my Acupuncturist’s treatment. I’m almost at the end of this journey. However, I want to say that my recovery has improved much quicker with WAVE 1. Thank you all, including the creators of WAVE 1. You have made such a positive difference in my life!!


Two exciting events and a life-changing product announcement