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Diane’s Story


TURNING POINT MOMENT: When I tested negative for Lyme after 50 years

My Life With Lyme

This battle with Lyme disease has been 50 years now. I was initially infected with lyme disease when I was in my late teens and had at least 6 more bad bites over the years. Ultimately, I developed most of the different Lyme strands and all of the coinfections. My son was born with Lyme disease, my husband contracted Lyme, my daughter was infected independently at age 10 and now 3 of my 4 grandchildren have been born with it. Even my beautiful standard poodle was diagnosed with it and died 2 years later. Lyme disease has wreaked havoc with my health and my family’s health.

Started Using WAVE 1

November, 2016

My WAVE 1 Experience

I spent 4 years on an intravenous antibiotic cocktail without any substantial results. However, after a lifetime battle with Lyme, it only took about 3 months using WAVE 1 to be rid of the disease and all the co-infections. I didn’t immediately feel much different but my brain fog and anger issues started to just melt away. Lyme caused bone death in both hips, tops of my legs and pelvis. I had extensive surgery and had both hips replaced and bone trimmed and scraped in other areas. I now walk without a walker and walk about 3 km every day. I still have a lot of pain although less than before, it seems to be damage that can’t be fixed. I’ve always been an insomniac and still am although I do sleep better than I did when I was so wracked with pain.

The Turning Point

At first, I couldn’t believe that I was testing negative for Lyme Disease and the co-infections. I really didn’t feel any better but I slowly began to feel better. The first things to change were mental. I had suffered from anger and brain fog for many years, now it’s a thing of the past.

How I Found FREmedica™

My daughter introduced me to FREmedica™.

My Message To Others

Fighting Lyme Disease any other way doesn’t work. All 8 members of my family show no signs of Lyme Disease. We shared my bracelet and rented one. Initially, the cost of the bracelet seems expensive but compared to the money I’ve spent trying every single option available, the bracelet is cost and time effective.