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Elin’s Story


TURNING POINT MOMENT: When I was able to speak normally and not search for words or forget what I was saying.

My Life With Lyme

It took almost eight years to figure out I had Lyme disease and other co-infections. Once diagnosed I was treated for almost six years with a variety of antibiotics and other medications for symptom relief. While I was seeing a Lyme literate doctor, I was also getting alternative treatments. I have had a number of relapses that were treated with additional antibiotics since my first lengthy treatment protocol.

Started Using WAVE 1

November, 2018

My WAVE 1 Experience

Since my initial five-plus year antibiotic treatment protocol, I have had multiple relapses. I was periodically plagued with fatigue, pain, memory loss, balance, strength, sight, and speech issues that kept me from working. These issues have dramatically improved since I started wearing the WAVE 1, and I am enjoying life in a whole new way.

The Turning Point

I began to notice positive changes within one week, even at a very low level. The changes were significant. I was able to stay up later at night and didn’t fall asleep at 9 pm. When I did get tired, I was still able to speak normally and not search for words or forget what I was saying. My sleep improved, pain diminished, balance improved, and a host of other symptoms kept getting better. I no longer take any pharmaceutical medications for Lyme or symptom relief. Additionally, I am able to travel again for work and pleasure. I now have the stamina and the focus to do it with enjoyment!

How I Found FREmedica™

At a Lyme disease support group meeting in Providence, Rhode Island.

My Message To Others

Begin slowly and gradually increase the treatment levels. It took me almost one year to increase to the highest level. I use it during the day because I found it kept me awake at night. However, my husband prefers to wear it at night.