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Georgia’s Story


TURNING POINT MOMENT: I love having the Stress & Anxiety frequency set for 8 hours! I wear it daily!

My Life With Lyme

In the fall of 2014, I woke up one morning with a tender swollen pinky. The swelling would fluctuate. I then started to have serious memory issues and brain fog. My joints ached all through my body causing extreme pain, and I was constantly bogged down by fatigue. I was at first misdiagnosed with RA, and intuitively felt that there was something else wrong. After two years of no one figuring out what was wrong with me, I finally found answers. I had Lyme disease and two co-infections.

I treat my Lyme with a Denver based LLMD, with my nutrition plan and important self-care. I was grateful to go into remission in the fall of 2018.

In the fall of 2021, I moved into a new house with black mold which caused an intense Lyme flare up and resurfaced pain worse than I had ever experienced. I was so grateful to have the WAVE 1 wearable when I had this exposure!

My WAVE 1 Experience

When I first started wearing WAVE 1, I noticed a quick increase in energy. I stopped having mid-afternoon fatigue. After the exposure to mold again in fall of 2021, I went through extreme joint pain and tingling. I was panicked that I would have to go back to my Lyme treatments. I made sure to diligently wear WAVE 1 everyday and felt different a month later. Since December 2021, I have not experienced any severe pain!

The Turning Point

My pain from the recent flare up completely disappeared after about a month of using WAVE 1. I was shocked in the best way.

How I Found FREmedica™

Social media!

My Message To Others

There are many great resources on FREmedica’s website and they offer amazing customer service. You can conduct your own research to feel comfortable with the purchase. WAVE 1 saved me from having to return to many years of a Lyme protocol again.