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Jadeen’s Story

Living on Vancouver Island I often went camping, but never gave any thought to ticks and knew nothing about Lyme. One summer, I started getting ill. It got worse when I became pregnant. I lost 30 pounds in my first three months; my gallbladder stopped working, and I was diagnosed with Cholestasis of the liver. I was in and out of the hospital for the next few months. I tried to enjoy my life and family, but something was off with my head and body.

“I was running on empty.”

My first son was 4 months old when I got pregnant again. My first pregnancy was a trailer for the horror flick that was the second. Everything went wrong and I was very sick. Now, with a newborn and a 15-month-old at home, I tried to move on with my life. I raised my boys and went to school in the evening. I couldn’t remember anything and had to study twice as hard. It was costing a fortune just to feel ill all the time.

Life had to get better and two things got us started in that direction. First, the boys and I were finally diagnosed with Lyme. Second, my father learned about Wave 1 from a friend he was working with. We started using it and over what seemed a short time, it gave us our lives back. When my youngest son started school again, he was a different boy. His teacher couldn’t believe the change. For me, it got better over time. After six months with WAVE 1, I was springing out of bed, full of energy. The brain fog cleared. 12 years after this journey began, we are all well and forever thankful for WAVE 1.


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