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Jamie’s Story


TURNING POINT MOMENT: Fell terribly ill after receiving a Flu shot in April 2015 . I then saw my LLMD 2017. Upon the death of my sister and my mother’s confirmed Lyme test, I have found that I contracted congenitally.

My Life With Lyme

My sister died from Lyme disease. My mother is now gravely ill physically and mentally. It began to do the same to me. After the fight of my life with Western medicine to find the proper diagnosis, I was bed bound. They found not only Lyme, but numerous other co-infections. Since 2015, I have gone on disability, visited multiple clinics and hospitals where I have been inundated with tests and protocols. Lyme stole my life. Now, as I progress towards remission, I will take this fight to the ends of the Earth to save my daughter.

My WAVE 1 Experience

As of today, I am a functioning, and a well adjusted ‘normal’ person. There are still struggles and down days, but WAVE 1 paired with my Lyme protocols has helped me turn a corner. It now use nightly as part of my universal protocol for life.

In the beginning I attempted to run Lyme Basic at the highest intensity… after realizing it was too much, I lowered the intensity of frequencies. I adjusted the levels of Stress & Anxiety as needed each day, maxed the highest levels of Detox, and Lyme Basic was kept at middle intensity. After 90 days, I moved to the Lyme Maintenance Phase (Detox, Lyme Complete and Stress & Anxiety) all at maximum intensity and continue to wear on my leg during the night.

The Turning Point

My energy, clarity, and stamina have significantly improved. I don’t have intensive muscle pains any longer. My cognitive skills increased and became apparent after 30 days. Pairing WAVE 1 with my LLMD treatments definitely helped me take a turn for the better.

How I Found FREmedica™

From a local Lyme group discussion, the FREmedica Founder, Stephen Davis, shared his personal story and this device.

My Message To Others

It is very easy to use. Go slow and steady. As you remember the costs of trying many treatments, compare that to this one that is non invasive and proven.


Two exciting events and a life-changing product announcement