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Julie’s Story


TURNING POINT MOMENT: I noticed my mobility issues improving, when I could get out of bed without any help or excruciating pain. I was more rested.

My Life With Lyme

My Lyme symptoms began in January 2017 when I woke up with full body pain. There were no warning signs. I went to bed an active person and woke up in pain. The pain and the feeling of “unwell” was off and on for the first year and a half. My Lyme symptoms became full blown after that. I went to many doctors but ultimately received no help, so I had to try to help myself by doing my own research for Lyme treatments.

I got to the point where my mobility was declining, I had to work from home, because my Lyme symptoms were progressively getting worse. A variety of herbals and supplements helped a great deal, but it was not getting me past a certain point. I couldn’t do the things I use to, and I felt alone as well as desperate in my search for help. And then I came across Fremedica’s Wave 1 through Yolanda Hadid’s story!

My WAVE 1 Experience

My energy level has improved since using my Wave 1. My sleep has gone from 3-4 hours a night to 8-10 hours most nights. My mobility has increased, along with lessened body pain, shortness of breath, nerve zaps, numbness, etc. I can go on and on! A huge accomplishment for me in my healing journey, is the ability to now go to more of my grandson’s baseball games! I missed many of his games because walking was too difficult, and I was too weak.

The Turning Point

Relief in my symptoms were gradual. Over time, I would notice improvements in myself and my Lyme symptoms.

How I Found FREmedica™

Discovered the Wave 1 through Yolanda Hadid’s Lyme journey.

My Message To Others

This was the best investment I made in my healing journey. I took a chance and it worked out well for me!


Two exciting events and a life-changing product announcement