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Rebecca’s Story


TURNING POINT MOMENT: I was singing and had increased energy again.

My Life With Lyme

I think, like so many others, my experience with Lyme has been that of a roller coaster ride. It’s taken me nearly 7 years, and just now, I think I have my own personal case sorted out enough. I know how to manage whatever it throws at me. That being said, there have been many highs and lows. I have been so sick that I didn’t think I would survive. At times, I’ve felt so good, and never understood how I was ever sick. I’ve had times where I wished I would just die and times where I felt so grateful to have been given this experience. I can truly empathize with others and have become my most compassionate self.

Having Lyme has completely changed my life. It can be such a lonely disease. Unlike many others with this disease, I was very fortunate to have worked in Integrative Medicine. I worked with doctors who had been diagnosing Lyme long before I ever got sick with it. And when I first got sick, I knew immediately what was going on. I also feel very grateful that I had been a National level athlete most of my life, and that my body was strong long before my disease. What I have learned on this journey, is that without movement, even on the worst days, Lyme is so much more brutal! I’m not sure how to put my personal experience with Lyme into one question. I think an emotional roller coaster would be the most fitting description.

Started Using WAVE 1

November, 2019

My WAVE 1 Experience

My first experience with the device was actually borrowing a friend’s for a few weeks. I am a pretty sensitive human, which I think is a fair thing to say about anyone with Lyme; but the first thing I noticed was my body getting warm. All the areas that felt paralyzed: my hands, feet, parts of my stomach, parts of my legs, parts of my face… they all got really warm. When I first borrowed it, it had been a week since I had been able to use the washroom, and within 20 minutes I was able to go. And every day after that, went consistently.

I noticed that the deep bone-breaking pain in my legs started to ease up, I noticed I was having fewer tremors, I noticed I had energy – so much energy! I ended up ordering the bracelet not long after that, and started the 3 phase program. When I was using the official program, big changes happened! The most drastic memory for me was the fact that I was no longer afraid to go to sleep at night. Before I started wearing the bracelet, I was terrified to go to sleep. So much so, that I would stay up as long as I could. I always had trouble breathing at night, partly due to the stress of having to go to bed, and partly because my Babesia was so bad, I couldn’t lay flat without feeling like I was being suffocated. I also never knew what version of myself I would wake up to. Would the next day be filled with excruciating pain, would I be miserable? Would the ringing in my ears be unbearable? Would I tremor uncontrollably and feel super embarrassed…? Going to bed was terrifying. But I noticed after the first week that I was actually waking up consistently happy, rested, pain-free, and tremor-free. After that, I LOVED crawling into bed at night.

The Turning Point

My boyfriend will tell you his most lasting memory was that I was singing again, and had an intimidating amount of energy (which is a lot coming from someone who did 2 Ironmans in one summer). When he first met me, I would always sing. I love music and love to sing, and he said it was his favorite thing. But as I had another flare not long after we met, that just didn’t seem to go away, I stopped singing. I spent as much time as I could curled up on the couch or the floor, or in bed. I definitely didn’t sing. Within that first week, I was singing and humming all the time, and felt like I could run circles around everyone. The bracelet was the first time I actually started to look forward to the future again.

How I Found FREmedica™

My old boss, Dr. Nahas, Founder of Seekers Centre for Integrative Medicine, in Ottawa, Ontario was the one who introduced me to FREmedica™.

My Message To Others

Don’t wait! Just find a way to make it work. When my boyfriend and I were trying to decide if it was the right idea, I took the time to go through all my medical expenses for the year. In less than a fiscal year, we had spent over $17,000 to keep me functioning at a less than basic capacity. Doctors visits, supplements, prescriptions, massage, acupuncture, osteopathy, infrared saunas, floats, etc… we had spent so much, and I still was going bald, losing all my toenails, failing at basic functions. My whole body was shutting down. I already knew it made me feel better because I had the opportunity to borrow one initially, so we figured, how could there be any harm in spending the money on the bracelet, if it made me feel better faster than anything else I had ever tried. We also were very fortunate, as my boyfriend is a Firefighter in our community, and when his hall got word of our purchase, the association was so kind, and wrote us a cheque for the entire amount of the bracelet. They literally saved my life!