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Sleep and the Immune System

Feeling anxious and stressed has become a global and national issue. The pandemic has instilled in many of us fear and anxiety about how to safely manage many aspects of life, such as work and school. Chronic worry and stress tax our immune system.

While there is no way to fully ensure life doesn’t become stressful, that doesn’t mean you are helpless. There are ways in which you can protect your body and mind from the fear it causes. A holistic approach to well-being is a way for you to fight back against these forces that are trying to wear down your body.

NIKKI is a bioenergetic wearable emitting issue-based frequencies helping with overall wellness and most of all a better quality of sleep. In the past few decades, sleep science has revealed the importance of sleep and how it affects virtually every system in your body. Wearing NIKKI while you sleep, will have you waking with less stress, less pain, and feeling more energetic. NIKKI daytime frequencies will also continue to support optimization and recovery from any overworked and overstressed daily lifestyle.

How Better Sleep Helps Your Immune System

Your immune system is critical to your overall health as it heals wounds, fights infections, and protects you from life-threatening illnesses. Immune responses, such as infections, can affect your sleep, just as consistent sleep will strengthen your immune system. Proper sleep allows your immune system to become balanced and provides you with effective immune functionality.

When you do not get adequate sleep, your immune system is thrown off balance. Studies have proven when you have short or long-term sleep deprivation, you will become sick. Sleep gives your body the essential support needed to keep your immune system in balance and prevent illness. In addition, high-quality sleep will enable your immune system to maintain a well-balanced defense providing adaptive immunity and less severe allergic reactions.

Sleep and Your Immune Memory

Experts have not proven what processes take place during your sleep, but they have discovered several factors:

  • When you sleep, muscle activity and breathing are slowed down. This slowdown allows for more energy to be freed allowing your immune system to perform critical tasks.
  • The inflammation that occurs while sleeping could cause a lack of mental performance and physical harm during waking hours. When you are ill or injured, the inflammatory response is inevitable, as this is what helps you recover.
  • A sleep-promoting hormone is produced at night. This hormone, Melatonin, counteracts stress that can come from inflammation while you sleep.
  • The interaction of your immune system’s components while you sleep reinforces its ability to recognize and react to dangerous antigens.

How Your Immune System Affects Your Sleep

Just as you need sleep to maintain a strong immune system, this can also affect the quality of your sleep. Developing an infection will trigger different responses from your immune system. Some of these responses include a lack of energy or sleepiness. This response happens when people become sick, they find themselves spending more time sleeping.

An infection will also alter your nature of sleep and how much time you spend in each sleep stage. Stage 3 non-rapid eye movement or NREM sleep is also known as your deep sleep stage. This stage is when your immune system utilizes more energy to fight infection. Deep sleep is required when you have to fight an infection.

While research continues on the relationships between your immune system and sleep, what has been learned is that they are closely interlinked. It is apparent that your immune system requires quality sleep in order to harness its energy to keep you healthy.

How to Improve Sleep

As a bedtime routine, when you go to sleep with NIKKI on your wrist, you are supporting the body’s natural restoration and repair processes. You can greet the morning with more energy and be more prepared to start your day. NIKKI is based on advanced bioenergetic science and supports your overall wellness with a variety of frequency programs, all in an easy-to-use tech wearable. During its trial phase, NIKKI was confirmed to lessen pain, relieve anxiety and stress, and provide the wearer with more energy. Learn how this amazing wearable can improve the quality of your life.


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