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Supercharge Your Cells

None of us gets through life without our fair share of physical and emotional trauma. We get hurt, we get sick, we get anxious and upset. And when we need help, we tend to turn to doctors, psychiatrists and other members of the medical community. While we often have good reason to rely on traditional medicine, we frequently overlook the most powerful source of healing we have: our own bodies.

Each of us is comprised of over 37 trillion cells that strive to keep us healthy. They collaborate and communicate by the science of bioenergetics; using light and frequencies to maintain our health and sustain us as fully functioning human beings. About one in 1,000 cells are stem cells. They head up a community of specialized cells assigned to different organs and functions. We have blood cells, brain cells, heart muscle cells and bone cells to mention just a few. Each cell group has a signature frequency that can be disturbed by physical or emotional trauma. Stem cells can generate new cells to replace others that can no longer function effectively. 

There’s no question that our wellness and well-being depend on proper and powerful cell function. As our bodies strive to be healthy, our cells need all the help they can get. What kind of help?

Start with good sleep.

A lot of cell replacement and restoration goes on while we’re asleep. Poor sleep hinders repair and lowers immunity.

Be smart with your diet.

A well thought out diet provides energy and supports proper cell function. A poor diet may introduce environmental toxins and lead to inflammation, digestive disorders and a strained cellular system. 

Keep moving.

Exercise stimulates blood flow; bringing oxygen and nutrients to our cells and carrying toxins away. It also contributes to a healthy mindset and reduces stress.

Get some sun.

This prime source of vitamin D is good for your bones, your immune system, your heart and your mood.

Consider NIKKI

NIKKI is a bioenergetics-based wearable designed to support the body’s natural healing ability by restoring and strengthening the cellular network.

NIKKI is a doctor acclaimed ally intended to nurture the body’s natural healing process, in which stem cells work to replicate and replace destroyed or damaged cells. Break a bone and the body begins producing new cells to heal the damage. In the case of a cut, white blood cells remove dead and injured cells so new healthy cells repair the damage. Our bodies are constantly repairing damage and producing healthy tissue. A well-functioning and wellness-sustaining cell structure supports the powerful immunity essential to dealing with viruses, bacteria, and toxins. White blood cells destroy invaders. Other cells recognize virus invaders and destroy infected cells. Inflammation flags an injury or infection and focuses the immune system on restoring health to the injured or infected area. A fever raises body temperature to levels that kill viruses and trigger cellular mechanisms which help your body fight the infection.

NIKKI is designed to accelerate and optimize this process.

The watch-sized, wearable NIKKI offers a growing range of issue-specific frequency sets delivered by light into the body. They include Insomnia, Pain, Immune, Stress + Anxiety, Viruses and Bacteria and Travel. A Night-Time set is designed to speed overnight cell replenishment and repair while the wearer sleeps.

NIKKI is intended to act like a supercharger for the complex network of cells that works hard to keep us alive and well.


Get back to action with the wearable designed to optimize wellness