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DÉJÀ YOU EVENT – January 2022

Join moderator and leading expert, Better Health Guy Scott Forsgren and FREmedica special guests who share their own first-hand experiences on the WAVE 1. Scott interviews Dr. Riskt Attema ND, who fought for months and now can get back to supporting her practice, as well as running and going to the park with her daughter. And Julie Savage, who was at the “bottom of the barrel” with Lyme, and now as a grandmother
is able to attend her grandson’s baseball games.

The innovative WAVE 1 is helping sufferers everywhere get back to a more fulfilled life beyond Lyme.

Don’t Miss Janis Klipper from FREmedica, who will preview the user experience, the Lyme Frequency Support Program and the WAVE Assistant App.


Moderator Scott Forsgren, his panel of Lyme experts and the FREmedica WAVE 1 in a powerful discussion to help make 2022 the year you get back to the life you enjoyed before Lyme!

Scott spent much of his life suffering from chronic Lyme disease that eluded diagnosis and defied a cure. On the long self-driven road to recovery he learned valuable lessons that he felt compelled to pass along. Now, as the BetterHealthGuy he keeps his thousands of followers inspired and informed of new treatments and technologies.

He has also been working with FREmedica Technologies since 2017 as an Affiliate Referrer and has kindly agreed to moderate our Changing Lyme for Life special event! Scott is a proponent of light, sound, frequency, and vibrational practices and understands the powerful impact on well-being. We are thrilled Scott is joining this exceptional panel of speakers while sharing his invaluable knowledge and insight.

Practicing as a Naturopathic Physician over the last 14 years, Dr. Attema brings a wealth of knowledge on both a personal and professional level. With a background in Human Kinetics and Exercise Physiology, she believes that diet and lifestyle are the foundation to good health and that our bodies have a strong innate ability to heal with a little bit of guidance along the way.

As a Lyme Survivor, she has been wearing the WAVE 1 frequency emitting wearable which has made a remarkable difference on the trajectory of her life. She wants to share her personal story and how WAVE 1 greatly impacted her health for the better. 


Two exciting events and a life-changing product announcement