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The power of patience

The Power of Patience

No body’s perfect.

Your body has taken a long journey to where it is now. And it hasn’t been a smooth ride on a superhighway. It hit some bumps and took some detours along the way. Reaching any destination demands persistence, patience and a plan.

Patience plays a key role in reaching an optimal state of wellness.

Even with the help of better sleep, fewer bad habits, a healthy diet and more exercise, your goal of feeling on top of the world will take something more: time and commitment. Unfortunately, there are no short-term solutions. Before we can add that missing 10% to our wellness and lifestyle, we have to give the body time to lay the foundation for better health and performance.

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

Your body is on your side. 

Our bodies strive to be well. The problem is that to keep us going, they sometimes rush to fix a problem and provide a less-than-perfect solution. Your body adapts to keep you going, even if it means a compromised solution to whatever ails you, from physical damage to emotional trauma.

Embrace the biofield.

We’re made up of trillions of cells that communicate by light and frequencies to keep us alive and functioning as well as possible. We’re a community of different frequencies working together within a kind of personal cocoon called the biofield. The biofield is a measurable reality that extends eight feet from our bodies. It can even be felt through pressure and temperature changes. The biofield is as fragile as it is amazing. It can be easily disrupted and knocked out of sync by injury, disease and other physical and mental factors. The biofield remains intact but flawed. And the body carries on. It’s kind of like going to the gym and doing the right exercises in the wrong way. You get results, and they may satisfy you, but they’re nothing compared to what you’d get with the proper techniques in place. If the biofield is compromised, it will take time to restore and realign it. The less time, the better of course. And more about that further along.

Progress through patience.

You may feel fine right now, but how much better could you feel and how much more effectively could you perform in activities, relationships and your job with a fully optimized biofield and your cells communicating perfectly?

Take the time to do it right. 

When you understand the origin of your wellness issue, you can design a methodical approach to resolving it. When it comes to your body and optimal wellness, the goal is a perfectly functioning biofield and a powerful immune system that will ward off issues including viruses, allergies and poor healing, while also discouraging seeking quick and temporary fixes. For the most part, traditional medicine deals with symptoms and not the real causes. “Take two and call me in the morning” may make the pain go away for a while, but it will come back because nothing has really changed. And invasive procedures often provide “fixes” that do their own kind of damage. We know that we want to be as well as we can possibly be. We know that it will take solid sleep, a good diet, exercise and a healthy attitude. All of that and time. 

Anything else?

Yes. NIKKI. A wearable, bioenergetics-based frequency emitter designed to go to the core of the cellular structure to restore a disrupted biofield and improve immunity. NIKKI isn’t a quick fix for what’s wrong, but it’s designed to speed the process and be an ally in getting things right. NIKKI comes with a library of frequency sets designed to address particular issues; from poor sleep and low energy to allergies, anxiety and viruses. NIKKI acts as a course-corrector; recognizing and re-aligning frequencies in the biofield. As with everything else we’ve covered here, NIKKI demands patience and consistent use. Depending on the damage done, it takes time to re-establish proper cell function and build a stable platform for attacking particular issues. 

Don’t lose patience!


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