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Boost Your Biofield

Boost Your Biofield

New support for improved wellness and fuller lives is emerging based on the energy field that surrounds the body. It’s called the biofield and it’s been known for centuries, but not in scientific terms. Proof of the very real existence of the biofield has given rise to ways to access and empower it.

The biofield extends out from the body about 8 feet. It’s not visible but it can be felt and manipulated with the hands and using devices developed for the purpose. Biofield therapies are often used for stress reduction, as well as overall physical, mental, and emotional health improvement. Biofield therapy originated and became become widespread in the traditional forms of Reiki, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch and Pranic Healing.

Reiki has become an integral part of hospital care; shown to help with recovery after hospital procedures by reducing stress, relieving pain and increasing immunity. Healing Touch differs from Reiki in that energy optimization occurs through the process of touch itself. Healing Touch us a supervised 5-level training program requiring extensive case practice and supervision before a practitioner can become certified. Healing Touch has been shown to assist with anxiety, depression, trauma and pain reduction.

Therapeutic Touch was the first program to establish an important foundation for biofield healing training and practice. Pranic Healing is an uncommon and very intensive detoxifying type of biofield therapy using a system similar to Reiki.

And now there’s NIKKI, a watch-size wearable that goes to the core of the cellular network to restore and enhance cellular communication and optimize the biofield. NIKKI achieves this through the use of frequencies. Everything in the universe and every part of the human body has a frequency and NIKKI puts them back on track following physical, emotional and mental trauma. NIKKI doesn’t require practitioners or appointments. Instead, it’s intended to provide a personal path to wellness; putting nine targeted frequency sets at your fingertip.


NIKKI is a new entry in the world of wellness that results from a healthy biofield.

One that is already earning enthusiastic wearer reviews. Visit to hear the comments and read the research results.