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Finding Ground in a Busy World

Being grounded can mean different things to different people. One thought can be the practice of touching the earth to find dynamic energy and allowing your body to center. Another thought involves returning home to your inner self of awareness. To find your grounding in a busy world, you have to choose not to get caught up in the fast-paced world around you. You need to slow down the race of life and become aware of any materialism. These are other tips to help you find grounding in your busy world.

Keep in Touch With Yourself

Journaling, meditating, and soul-searching are just a few activities to remain aware and begin learning about your likes, dislikes, emotions, fears, and dreams. These are a few activities that will allow you to gain a solid sense of your foundation and what you are living for in this world.

Live Deliberately and Simply

When you choose to live simply and deliberately, you choose not to get caught up in the details of the fast-paced world moving around you. It’s empowering to place the power back into your own hands by slowing down and living simply. Instead of reacting to life, you discover more time to be present and enjoy the simpler pleasures.

Consider What You Will Allow Into Your Being

When you consciously consider what you will allow into your being, you can find more grounding in this busy world. Consider which media boards you follow and let go of any that proliferate pain, war, and hate. Be aware of what you allow into your spirit, it is a precious commodity. Who you surround yourself with, and what you watch, read and listen to are all factors impacting your mental and physical well-being.

Teach and Support Others

If you teach and support others whenever you have the opportunity, you can begin to form connections that make the world a better place. Paying it forward and offering goodwill towards others, is the greatest gift to ground yourself and those around you.

Nurture Your Ties

Nurturing your ties means creating a community you can find a sense of belonging with. Today’s world can be isolating, but if you nurture your connections, you can build a circle of support and find a sense of belonging. Any friends, neighbors, or those you love can offer support, guidance, empathy and companionship.

Recognize the Beauty Around You

Recognizing the beauty around you, whether it is in the metropolis you live in, or the stereotypical suburban neighborhood will allow you to appreciate the manmade and natural wonders of your world.

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Embracing life’s challenges allows you to grow and not get stuck or unhappy. Don’t stop being curious, this will help you maximize all that life can offer.

Look at the Bigger Picture

Looking at the bigger picture helps you understand your options for new paths in life. Widening your perspective through discussion, travel, and/or research supports a greater understanding of where and how you want to coexist in the world. Living closer to this truth will manifest the grounding you are seeking.

Take Time for Solitude, Silence, and Stillness

The world today can be noisy every waking hour. You are probably ‘on the go’ most of your day and having time to relax can be scarce. Take time for solitude, silence, and stillness in today’s world by finding a place and time to be alone. It’s important to remain connected to yourself to find the ground you need every day.

Learn How to Ground Yourself in this Busy World

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