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How Do Frequencies Affect the Physiology of Animals, Humans, and Plants?

Frequencies can affect how an organism handles or responds to anxiety, or other mental states by regulating or balancing its constitutive dynamics. These effects can be seen in the circadian rhythms of our sleep-wake cycle, the language and behaviors of animals, the growth and renewal of plants, as well as in the human cell while communicating with other cells, organs, and tissues.

The NIKKI bioenergetic wearable is the first of its kind, offering issue-based frequencies supporting cellular repair and restoration. With improved cellular communication, NIKKI allows your body to function at a level of greater wellness and optimum performance as you move through your everyday life.

How Frequencies Affect Humans

For centuries it has been understood that sound has an extreme effect on a human’s mind and body. Specific types of frequencies can be used in therapy to manipulate human brain waves, helping to heal your mind and body. This type of frequency healing has been used to treat ailments such as depression, anxiety, disorders of the nervous system, and insomnia.

While you might be skeptical about how sound frequencies alter human consciousness and promote healing, you should know there is scientific evidence to support the theory. Being exposed to different frequencies can reduce psychiatric issues such as anxiety or depression and stimulate your body to heal physical ailments.

Frequencies tailored for wellness have now become mainstream and accepted alternatives for finding relief on specific issues. Brilliantly engineered, NIKKI and its wide variety of frequency programs provide the proper communication needed at the cellular level for optimal well-being.

How Frequencies Affect Plants

Technology involving sound waves has been applied to different species of plants. It was discovered that sound waves at varying frequencies, for exposed periods, and from different distances influenced the plant’s growth. The experiments were conducted in both open fields and greenhouse growing conditions. Specific sound waves at designated distances were able to stimulate the plants. Sound waves were also found to strengthen a plant’s immune system.

How NIKKI Can Enhance Your Well-Being

The team at NIKKI is focused on helping you perform better and feel better. The benefits of its frequency-enhanced cellular communication in a simple and easy-to-use wearable offers you a chance to improve your physical and emotional well-being. And who doesn’t want to do that? Learn more about NIKKI frequency programs here at: www.wearennikki.com/frequencies.


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