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Make Friends With Frequencies

You’re mid-Pacific at 35,000 feet on your 2,700 mile flight from Seale to Honolulu. The weather at your destination is wonderful, but right now and right here it’s awful. Your 767 is dodging a thunderstorm at night, but nothing interrupts your sleep. You’re relaxed and snoozing peacefully. Two-and a-half hours later, you touch down at Daniel K Inouye airport and the Captain comes on the speaker to say “Aloha. Welcome to Hawaii.” 

How is this fearless flight possible? Frequencies. 

We are open asked how frequencies work. What are they? Are they even real? 

The fact is that frequencies are the most real thing in the universe. Everything, everywhere vibrates at a certain frequency. Einstein knew that and said so. “Everything in life is vibration” he said. Then he went on to say “Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.” 

There are 37 trillion cells in the human body. They all have their own “signature” frequency. 

Understanding Frequencies:

To understand frequencies you first have to understand waves. Not the splashy kind, but the kind that transfer energy from one place to another through a medium such as water, air or earth. Waves travel in a roller coaster pattern that varies in length between the highs and lows. 

Waves that are spread out are low frequency. Waves that are bunched together are high frequency. Generally speaking, the higher the frequencies, the healthier our bodies are. In any case, when the frequency network is healthy, things work the way they should, whether it’s a television set or the human body. 

As amazing as this seems, it all makes sense and we can see frequencies at work every day in everything from the GPS that gets you home from a hike, to the ultrasound that tells you whether it’s a boy or a girl and MRI that produces a sign of relief. 

It’s all good until something comes along to upset the frequency network. If the harpist plucks a wrong note, the orchestra will suffer and the audience will cringe. In the same way, physical or emotional trauma will upset frequency communication in the human body and result in illness, pain, confusion, anxiety and many more unpleasant symptoms. 

The Benefits of NIKKI for Personal Wellness

The good news is that our bodies have a natural path to healing. The bad news is that when frequencies are disordered and disrupted, the healing may be poor and incomplete.

Restoring proper cell function is fast becoming a business that offers real benefits for personal wellness.  

For example, NIKKI is a watch-size wearable that emits frequencies packaged and programmed to deal with specific issues by matching distracted frequencies to set them back on track, communicating clearly and doing the job they were designed to do: keeping you healthy and happy. 

It’s that simple. Frequencies in, issues out. 

In the future, this kind of wellness-center-on-your wrist will deal with a wide range of issues from Anxiety and Pain to poor sleep, Allergies and Viruses. For the moment, NIKKI is the only wearable that actually deals with the issues others merely monitor and provides the perfect complement to wearables that simply track and monitor.


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