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Past Events


Learn how to overcome Lyme with the healing powers of light, sound and frequency. We’ve hosted a series of educational Lyme events with a variety of guests ranging from leading Doctors, Naturopaths, Sports Professionals, Holistic Practitioners and Lyme Warriors who are all using WAVE 1 today and gaining results.

See how the WAVE 1 wearable and its Frequency Support Program by FREmedica are innovative technologies for progressive long-term wellness.

Get Your Life Back – May 2022 – WATCH EVENT REPLAY >>

Déjà You – January 2022 – WATCH EVENT REPLAY >>
Changing Lyme for Life – August 2021 – WATCH EVENT REPLAY >>

Changing Lyme for Life – October 2021 – WATCH EVENT REPLAY >>


A series of podcast interviews with our very own, Stephen Davis, Founder/CEO of FREmedica Technologies. Discussions include how his company’s wellness frequency technology evolved into the WAVE 1 frequency emitting wearable and the Frequency Support Program, both ground-breaking solutions to restoring the immune system. He explains the significance of supporting cellular communication to overcome disease and how this technology is another important aspect in an effort to restore the wellness toolbox.

Due to his own family’s struggles with Lyme, Stephen understands first hand the financial, emotional and physical toll this disease can have on people’s lives. His daughter and grandsons are now symptom free, and others are also getting their lives back through his continued desire to pay it forward. Stephen is excited to share this magical technology with the Lyme Community to offer those a better quality of life.

Podcasts hosts share their own WAVE 1 experiences and ask questions on how this technology works.
Don’t miss these intriguing conversations that could change your own life!

Eric Shadd’s Thrivality Podcast – WATCH >>
Spectrum of Health Podcast #143 – LISTEN >>
Georgia Grey’s Whole body Healing Podcast – WATCH >>