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The Heart Health Revolution

Empowering Women Through Bioenergetic Practices with the Use of Frequencies

Can frequencies support a happy heart? For National Heart Health Month, let’s go deeper into heart health, how frequency practice can help, and why it’s time to take your heart seriously. Grab some red to wear and let’s go!

February is National Heart Health Month. This is the perfect time to be cognizant of the importance of heart health, and more specifically, how to care for our own heart.

The facts are staggering. Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women, killing more women than all forms of cancer combined. That’s 1 in 3 women according to

And yet, most women don’t realize it’s vital for them to take their heart health seriously.

There’s a variety of options out there for improving heart health and a leading holistic and proven approach is delivering frequencies that resonate with your body.

Wellness Technology and Your Heart Health

At FREmedica Technologies, we believe that a daily frequency practice has the potential to improve women’s health. FREmedica’s wearable, called NIKKI, applies innovative frequency technology to boost cellular function and communication inside the body.

We help boost the body’s natural ability to renew and heal itself. How?

NIKKI’s bioenergetic technology delivers non-audible sound waves in the form of frequencies through the body. These helpful signals work to restore balance and harmony as well as begin to enhance proper cellular function for optimal health. This restoration process is the key component for ongoing wellness and greater longevity.

A Gentler Approach

NIKKI’s bioenergetic daily practice is a proven solution for those looking to supplement their healthcare with non-invasive and addiction-free alternatives.

It helps reduce pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety while improving sleep quality.

It’s a boost to heart health, and it starts at the cellular level.

Busy? NIKKI Goes Where You Go!

A bioenergetic practice can be seamless with your daily routine. No struggling to make room for an extra chore or appointment.

Wearable wellness technology is easy!

NIKKI can become your 24/7 wellness centre on your wrist. It’s simply another way to care for yourself and your heart.

This February, Show Your Heart Some Love

National Heart Health Month is the perfect time to think about your heart health and how you can improve it.

NIKKI is a safe, non-invasive proven approach for women looking to improve their overall health.

We want to empower you every step of the way. Support your journey to strengthen your heart, and you will find a healthier, happier life. Your precious heart will also thank you.