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Waves, Frequencies and Feeling Better

Frequency waves and wellness go hand-in-hand. To learn how and why, read on.

Frequencies drive almost everything we rely on, from cell phones and TVs to MRIs and Ultrasounds. Dentists use frequency probes to learn if the nerve of a tooth is dead or alive; chiropractors apply frequency to test alignment of vertebrae. Radio controlled toys and the navigation tools that get aircraft safely to their destinations all rely on frequency science.

Once you know how frequencies function, it’s easy to understand how they can work to make you feel and perform better.

Motion causes vibration. And because the universe is in motion, everything in it vibrates. Including every object on earth and every one of the more than 37 trillion cell in our bodies. This is something science has known for over a century. Einstein said “everything in life is vibration.”

The next thing to know is that everything vibrates at its own frequency. Turning to the human body, when every cell in the body is functioning at its natural frequency … what we call its signature frequency … a state of wellness results.

On the other hand, when cell function is disrupted, wellness suffers. Cell communication breaks down and the body’s innate ability to fight off illness, pain, allergies and other ailments is compromised. Physical, mental and emotional trauma all affect the cell network’s ability to cope, communicate and sustain healthy life.

The other factor involved in proper cell function is light. Light enhances cell communication. Red light in particular will penetrate the body to naturally reduce inflammation and pain in skin, muscles and other tissues as well as increase blood flow and encourage antioxidant activity.

Frequencies and light form a powerful partnership in restoring and maintaining optimum cell health and function.

Even thoughts and emotions are frequency-sensitive. If we are happy and at ease, our body frequency increases. If we are stressed and depressed, it drops. The good news is that frequencies can be altered and restored through the use of a device that re-establishes the body’s information system. All human organs, diseased and healthy, transmit vibrations unique to that organ or disease.

How do particular groups of cells communicate? Consider this analogy. If you pluck a harp string at middle ‘C’, it creates a vibration that resonates with all the ‘C’ strings of every octave and without direct physical contact they’ll also vibrate. The sound wave creates a resonant vibration in all other strings with the same harmonic, on the same harp as well as other instruments in the room. Powerful stuff. And powerful proof.

This is the science behind NIKKI, a watch-size wearable that puts the benefits of frequency enhanced wellness in your hands and on your wrist. NIKKI is a complement to other wearables that monitor wellness issues such as sleep, pain and anxiety. While they tell you what you need to do to feel and perform better, NIKKI actually helps you do it.

Other wearables track. NIKKI acts. It’s like having a wellness centre on your wrist.

NIKKI offers a growing number of frequency programs that help to improve Sleep, reduce Pain, ease Anxiety, boost Energy, fight Allergies and more. Wearers can choose the frequency that supports their daytime activities and pressures. The NIKKI Night-Time program works while-you-sleep to restore cellular function disrupted by daytime physical, mental and emotional trauma.

For everyone eager to feel and perform better NIKKI is an essential addition to their wellness regimen and resources.