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What’s in it For Me?

Technology companies are increasingly good at discovering new ways to cram more and more features and functionality into smaller packages. These days, everyone has a watch on their wrist or a ring on a finger delivering a wealth of information about various aspects of their health and state of mind.

For many of us, it all adds up to more than we need to know. Especially when we’re left on our own to deal with the information these devices provide. What we really want is something that will do more than just tell us what’s wrong. Something that will isolate it and make it right.

What it comes down to is this:

The future of high-tech is high relevance. More and more buyers are eager to trade the technological smorgasbord for the special dish; the one that satisfies our appetite for results in the areas of wellness that really matter to us.

NIKKI is a wearable that works to actually overcome the health and performance issues that other devices merely monitor and track. And most importantly, the particular issues that matter to each one of us. NIKKI gets personal.

How does NIKKI work?

What does it do that other wearables don’t?

The answer is provided by bioenergetics and the science of frequencies. Our bodies are made up of 37 trillion cells that make up a frequency-driven network essential to keeping us alive and well. NIKKI uses frequencies to overcome damage to the cell network caused by the trauma of illness, injury, anxiety, emotional distress, and more.

And NIKKI does it while the wearer sleeps, with an all-encompassing Night Time-frequency program. With scores of wearables tracking sleep, NIKKI not only helps us sleep better but also prepares us for the day ahead by restoring and optimizing cell function overnight.

On waking, NIKKI offers purpose-designed frequency programs that help us reach our personal goals for the day ahead. Running a half-marathon, NIKKI Energy will speed the path to the podium. Facing an important job interview? Hit NIKKI Stress+Anxiety. Planning a hike in the forest? NIKKI has a program to offset Allergies. If we’re planning a trip, NIKKI is the perfect traveling companion, able to boost Immunity and lower Stress.

The bottom line is that NIKKI is the only wearable that improves personal wellness both in the moment and around the clock with a wide and growing range of frequency programs.

Put simply, you wear it and it works.

Proof of the benefits of frequency-aided wellness is in the relief NIKKI parent company FREmedica has brought to the Lyme community, and in recent third-party testing that saw 73% of the test subjects report a significant improvement in overall wellness with even higher figures in some areas.

By going beyond monitoring to actually affect and overcome the specific issues each of us has, NIKKI has created a triumph of “well” over “wow.”