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A Wearable Future

There are two ways to make progress. The first is to start with something that already exists and make it better. We call it evolution. For an example of evolution in the world of wearables all you have to do is look at the growing range of watches and rings that provide all kinds of information about the state of your wellness. There is a wide and rapidly expanding array of wearable devices that tell you what’s wrong with you and what’s compromising your health. They track sleep, activity, cardio and also flag indications of illnesses brewing. You’re overwhelmed with information about how your body is managing, but you’re left on your own to do something about it. Every day, someone comes up with a new feature, but they are all based on tracking. With so many devices dedicated to monitoring your health and well-being the door has been opened to a new kind of wearable: one that actually works to do something to address the issues other wearables discover.

Which brings us to the second path to progress: having an entirely original and revolutionary idea. Something no one has seen, heard or thought of before. Welcome to the next revolution in wellness: wearables that actually overcome health issues and enhance performance.

Take NIKKI for example.

To all appearances, NIKKI is just another watch much like a Fitbit, Garmin or Apple. There’s a long list of wearables that will measure your sleep patterns, check your blood pressure, point out that you’re stressed and incidentally tell the time. They’re a great source for knowing the state of your health and what could be better. But they don’t do anything about it. Now there’s a wearable designed to actually improve how you feel and perform. Imagine being better and doing better simply by wearing a watch. One with a very big difference.

The bioenergetics-based NIKKI is the forerunner of a wellness revolution; an attractive watch-size device designed to actually help overcome the issues that stand in the way of wellness. With the launch of NIKKI in January 2023, a wellness revolution has begun.

NIKKI interacts with the 37 trillion-plus cells in the human body that collaborate to keep us well and performing optimally. As new as NIKKI is, the science behind it was proven a century ago. Einstein and Tesla both envisioned a future defined by innovation around frequencies. What they couldn’t have imagined is a wellness centre on the wrist; a watch-sized frequency deliver system designed to relieve Pain, ease Anxiety, boost Energy, fight Allergies and much more.


Two exciting events and a life-changing product announcement