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"Formula One" refers to a type of international auto racing that involves high-performance, single-seat race cars. As an AI language model, I am not able to provide an image or visual representation of the sport, but here are some possible alt text descriptions:

A Win For Wellness

A Formula 1 race lasts about two hours. At the finish line, the
winner is usually a couple of seconds ahead of the first loser

Along the way, each driver will make one or two pit stops, when a team of twenty will change the tires and adjust the aerodynamics. A fast pit stop takes under two-and-a-half seconds. A slow one more like three-and-a-half seconds. So the winning margin comes down not just to the driver, but to a team of perfectly synchronized specialists. Charlie takes off the right rear tire and Janet puts the fresh right rear tire on. And so on around the four corners of the car. Andre adjusts the wing and everyone seamlessly gets their job done … in just a second-and-a-half. A large and well-coordinated team separates first place from second, third or worse. Every small job gets the big job done.

A little is a lot.

The human body works much the same way.

Over 37 trillion cells team up to keep us well and fully functioning; to get us across the finish line at the end of the day. But it doesn’t always work that way. Anything from physical injury to illness and emotional distress can disrupt the team effort and turn a winning day into one we just want to be over. Even if it isn’t 100%, the body does its best to keep up with the demands we put on it. But it can do so much better with a little help from science.

Supporting Fathers.

Which brings us to NIKKI; the watch-sized wearable that does what other wellness devices don’t. NIKKI is designed to actually fix anomalies in the cellular network and put our health back on track. How? By emitting frequencies that reset the way cells communicate: with frequencies. The science involved is simple and timeless. Everything on earth and the earth itself has a signature frequency. Einstein knew this. Tesla knew this. The fast-growing community of NIKKI wearers know this.

NIKKI delivers frequency “sets” that address specific issues. At present there are nine sets designed to ease Stress+Anxiety, reduce Pain, improve sleep, fight Allergies, attack Viruses and create resilience against Travel jet-lag, nervousness and food and cultural differences. There’s even a NIKKI Night-Time frequency set that goes to work when the wearer goes to sleep to restore cell function and boost immunity for the day ahead.

Getting back to our Formula 1 analogy, our bodies are made up of a collaboration of cells grouped in teams; each with a particular purpose and with a team leader assigned to ensuring that are the pieces are properly playing their part.

NIKKI is that team leader.


Two exciting events and a life-changing product announcement